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Eyy, I'm DeathByAnArrow =] Pokémon related, I also have an account for GameFaqs that I use to trade online with people, and also (one day) to do battle >=]
I'll get around to changing this page a little bit more indepth later on. Make it look cool, and junk :P But for now.

Games That I Own

Main Series

Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow (yellow is lost atm :P)
Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal (silver is lost atm xD)
Pokémon Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald (ruby is also missing... xD)
Pokémon LeafGreen
Pokémon Diamond
Pokémon Stadium/Stadium 2
Pokémon Colloseum
(hoping to one day get XD as well.)
Pokémon Battle Revolution

Side Games

Pokémon Ranger: Ruins of Almia

Pokémon Diamond File

As of right now, im currently playing Diamond and Emerald, trying to catch 'em all on Diamond. :)
JUST got home with my Platinum version ^^can't wait :)
Stats for Diamond:
Obtained: 265
Seen: 331
Badges: 8 +Elite Four
Character Name: DBAA
IDNo. 35968
Score: 10123(though i have NO idea what that means...)
Friend Code: 3737 9889 8667

My Pokemon Diamond Elite Four Training Squad

Pokémon Emerald File

In Emerald, I'm focusing on collecting legendary pokemon/rare pokemon/Johto Pokemon for my Diamond game. Here are my Emerald Stats.
Stats for Emerald:
Obtained: 54
Seen: 130
Badges: 8 (no elite four yet)
Character Name: Ash
IDNo. 45627

My Pokémon Emerald Team

Pokémon Platinum File

Gotta collect em all again. xD
Stats for Platinum:
Obtained: 10
Seen: 17
Badges: 1
Character Name: DBAA
IDNo. 47209
Score: 0
Friend Code: 3609 6913 2332

My Pokémon Platinum Team