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About Me

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Hello, and welcome to my userpage.

Current Pearl Game

Trainer ID No. Badges Pokédex Hall of Fame
Spr DP Dawn.png
Coal Badge Forest Badge Cobble Badge Fen Badge
Relic Badge Mine Badge Icicle Badge Beacon Badge
358 seen
249 caught
June 13, 2007
5:49 PM
Sprout Startail Starry
Sawtooth Ironfang Majesty

Favorite Pokémon

Ball, Name, Gender
Type/s Personality
Nature, Area met
Held item
Spr 4d 487.png
Ultra Ball III.png Darkwing
Ghost Dragon Careful nature.
Jul. 12, 2007
Turnback Cave
Met at Lv. 70.
Somewhat vain.
Likes bitter food.
Shadow Force Ghost
Dragon Pulse Dragon
Earth Power Ground
Heal Block Psychic
Timer Ball III.png Twister
Dragon Flying Modest nature.
Jul. 23, 2007
Arrived at Lv. 95.
Highly curious.
Likes dry food.
Air Lock
Hyper Beam Normal
ExtremeSpeed Normal
Dragon Claw Dragon
Fly Flying
Timer Ball III.png Aqua
Water Hasty nature.
Jul. 23, 2007
Arrived at Lv. 75.
Good perserverance.
Likes sweet food.
No item
Hydro Pump Water
Water Spout Water
Sheer Cold Ice
Thunder Electric
Timer Ball III.png Magma
Ground Docile nature.
Jul. 23, 2007
Arrived at Lv. 75.
Somewhat of a clown.
Happily eats anything.
No item
Fire Blast Fire
Eruption Fire
Fissure Ground
SolarBeam Grass

Current Blue Team

Type Area met Ability
Held item
Psychic --- --- Psychic Psychic
Surf Water
Transform Normal
Metronome Normal
Grass Poison --- --- Mega Drain Grass
SolarBeam Grass
Toxic Poison
Leech Seed Grass
Ground --- --- Dig Ground
Earthquake Ground
Fissure Ground
Slash Normal
Normal Flying --- --- Cut Normal
Fly Flying
Double-Edge Normal
Double Team Normal
Pokémaniac --- --- TM05 N/A
Agility Psychic
TM28 N/A
Agility Psychic
Normal Normal --- --- Hydro Pump Water
Guillotine Normal
Razor Wind Normal
Pay Day Normal