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User:Chungkingpun/chungkingpun's Lucario

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chungkingpun's Lucario
鍾景彬のルカリオ chungkingpun's Lucario
chungkingpun's Mismagius
Caught at Route 206
(Egg hatched)
Gender Male
AniEggMS.pngAni447MS.pngAni448MS.png Lv. 38
Current location With chungkingpun

chungkingpun's Lucario (Japanese: 鍾景彬のルカリオ chungkingpun's Lucario) is a level 38 Lucario. chungkingpun wanted a Lucario as his team member because of its good stats. In order to get a Lucario, chungkingpun breeded a Misdreavus with a Ditto. After a lot of failure, chungkingpun hatched this Misdreavus out, as he discovered she has a good IVs stas, chungkingpun evolved her to Mismagius after the EV training and keep her in his team as a second special-attacker.

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On hand:
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