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Hi, I am Chomarty Rangen. I have only started getting into the pokemon games from the start of generation IV. So my first pokemon games were Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Although I have got some generation III games, but got them after I got the first two. I have played on Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Leafgreen. Unfortunatley I couldn't borrow or find Pokemon Firered.

For Pokemon Diamond, my best pokemon I have is Empoleon.

For Pokemon Pearl, my best pokemon is Torterra, Staraptor...

For Pokemon Platinum, the best pokemon I have are Infernape, Luxray, Altaria, Tangrowth, Lucario and Swampert (I migrated this one from my Sapphire version when it was a Mudkip).

For Pokemon Heartgold, my team is Typhlosion, Noctowl, Quagsire, Ampharos, Mismagius

For Pokemon Soulsilver, my team is Meganium, Pidgeot, Ampharos, Gyrados, Aggron and Gallade.