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User:Chocolate Berry

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My Info

My name is Sarah, but I prefer being called either Berry or Chibi, and am 14 years old. I started playing Pokémon when I was about 7 years old (with Pokémon Gold), but I didn't become fully obsessed with it until I was in 5th grade, but my friend, Reirei. I'm not a girly-girl, since I fear makeup and pink, but am not a tomboy, either.

I am a avid member of the shipping community. I have made banners, fanart, and AMVs for them, all of which I have deleted. Right now, I'm into writing fanfiction on So far, I only have three stories, two ContestShipping and one IkariShipping. Usually, I'm best at writing angst, but I do write fluff, at times. If you want to read any of my works, they are here


Currently, my favorite Pokémon is Munchlax, because I think it's just, well, adorable. Also, I think it kind of describes me, since I do like to eat and sleep. In the anime, my favorite character is Harley (yes, I am a Harley fan. Is there something wrong with that?), for the game Pearl, and in the Special manga, Ruby and Gold. Also, like I mentioned before, I'm a shipper, and my top three pairings are ContestShipping, IkariShipping, and PokéShipping.

Pairings I Support


IkariShipping Paul & Dawn
ContestShipping Drew & May
Pokéshipping Ash & Misty
QuestShipping Jimmy & Marina
LagomorphShipping Pikachu & Buneary
RocketShipping James & Jessie
SapphirePearlShipping May & Dawn
LuckShipping Brock & Lucy
PearlShipping Ash & Dawn
PenguinShipping Kenny & Dawn
FestivalShipping Harley & Solidad
ShootsDownShipping Kenny & Zoey
HeatTagShipping Conway & Dawn
HenseiShipping Reggie & Dawn


OldrivalShipping Green & Blue
SpecialShipping Red & Yellow
FranticShipping Ruby & Sapphire
CrystalShipping Eusine & Crystal
ScarfShipping Diamond & Pearl & Platina
PreciousMetalShipping Silver & Gold
FeelingShipping Green & Yellow
LuckyShipping Red & Blue
ChoosenShipping Silver & Blue
File:Berry Image.jpg
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Hometown: Pacifidlog Town
Region: Hoenn
Class: Champion, Coordinator
Generation: I, II, III, IV