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Hi I love charizard he is the best ever

I will be wrting a short story for a while

My story

My story

Chapter 1

I woke up uhh its five o' clock in the morning I rolled over two hours till I get my Pokemon. 7 0 clock Time to go wait what time is it 7 I’m late. I run down stairs Mom I’m

late love you bye. I run out the door putting on my pants and jacket and then I run to Professor Oak's office. I get there and he is waiting at the door "Your late Sallec

come in" said Oak "There are three here Fire, Grass and Water" said Oak. "Um I chose Fire" I said. "So Charmander good he is weak to water and I also have two" said Oak. I

left the building and there was a kid that was waking in after I left. His name was Ash

2nd Chapter

I watched him he was given a Evee that is not a water or grass wait it is a special pokemon for him maybe just for him alone. Ash came out and I challenged him he said no he

was on a mission and walked away. Then I walked to the first town near bye and bought some pokeball’s I went out and came across a Nidoran it was big but not strong I

caught it then I came across another town. There was a gym there…………………..


I am saying because I was asked to I am realated to three people here on bulbapedia


2.Mr. Vader

3.Darth Cookie Monster