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Trainer Blow
Age 22
City São José dos Campos
State São Paulo
Country Brasil
Class Scientist, Trainer, Programmer, Bug Catcher
Generation V, I
Favorite Catches
Pikachu‎ Squirtle Kokoromori Tabunne Hahakomori
Doredia Porutoga Chillarmy Emonga

Blow's favorite Pokémon from BW: Pokabu しんか させるな!

Why I'm playing Pokémon

My past: I've played Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow when I was 11. I liked the anime, all my friends were playing the game, and I was impressed with the gameboy itself. Also, it was 2 years since I started learning english, so that was a good way to practice it.

Let's time-travel: My age have doubled, I've studied a lot of math, science, english and japanese.

Present days: Now, I'm studying Computer Engeneering to - if everything goes right - eventually work in Japan. Also, I'm continuing with my japanese lessons and trying many things from otaku culture. I was just re-watching Pokémon and started to feel like playing the game again, but now in Japanese. Less then a week after that, Black&White was released in Japan. I started playing it, and was really happy with my reading skills. Actually, I managed to understand the plot almost without using the dictionary. This made me realize how much my vocabulary increased, and I believe its thanks to the thousands of episodes of anime I've watched in the last three years. I can understand like 95% of the conversations. Really impressive, huh!?

But I can't understand that much yet if I enable the kanji. So my next challenge will be to play the game in kanji-mode, and train those kanji every day, so I can learn them well.

Apart from that, I like to train every Pokémon and see them evolving. I consider myself in the game as a Scientist or Breeder, because I try to understand every detail about each Pokémon. Reading their Pokédex entries let me understand a lot about how the japanese see/think the world and its creatures. That's also why I'm here, in Bulbapedia.

My Teams

EN Black - May 2012 to ...

I've got a 3DS (I love it!) to play with my friend, these are my first hand held and first DS game.

Spr BW Hilbert.png Badges: 0

Seen: 0

Captured: 0

Trainer Blow


Nuvema Town

Main Team
Spr 5b 495.png Bag Poké Ball Sprite.png Bag Poké Ball Sprite.png Bag Poké Ball Sprite.png Bag Poké Ball Sprite.png Bag Poké Ball Sprite.png
Snivy - - - - -
♂ Lv5
Important Move and Hability Users
- - - - - -
Pickup Cut Thief Dig Strength Fly