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364.png This user comes from Puerto Rico.
es Este usuario es hablante nativo de español.
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373.png This user's favorite type is Dragon.
378.png This user's favorite type is Ice.
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494.png This user's favorite move is Flamethrower.
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This user's favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold.
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About me

My name is Blitzamirin, though I prefer being called Blitz, as I am called in other sites. I also go by Burizzumirin, or Burizzu for short.

My B-Day is on Oct 22, and I'm currently 14. My real name is Enrique, and I'm from Puerto Rico, and currently living there. I speak Spanish and English "well".

I'm really nice, being called like so in forums due to my kindness to most members. Of course, I detest flamers and the like, as they trouble me to no end.

Me as a Bulbapedian

I joined on (more or less) December 17, 2010. My aim was to write the Generation V "Missingno" article. Alas, I failed and did not return to the pedia until July of 2011, where I contribute making minor edits. I hope I win a Golden Eevee.

Pokemon Franchise

I started playing since 'round age 7. I got my Firered, and loved it. Then I pursued Ruby, Colo, XD, Gold, Red, Diamond, PBR, Platinum, Heartgold, and Black, in that other. I have played Yellow and Crystal, but I don't owe them.

Regarding side-games, I have Ranger and Mystery Dungeon Games. Hate them, though.


My favorite types are the Dragon and Ice types.

Favorite Pokemon:

  • Gen I
    • Gengar=It has the face of a rapist.
    • Moltres=One word: KFC.
  • Gen II
    • Espeon=Cute and awesome.
    • Scizor=Those pincers are Sharpedo.
    • Tyranitar=Hello, Skyscraper Mountain.
    • Celebo=The green onion.
  • Gen III
    • Seviper=Tattoo in face? Yes.
    • Tropius=It's lovable and huggable, like Clefable.
    • Milotic=Not the most beautiful Pokemon, but heh.
    • Salamence=Just awesome in every regard.
    • Metagross=Really cool. Like his moustache.
    • Regice=Who knew glaciers would be useful, other than causing accidents and global warming.
  • Gen IV
    • Spiritomb=108 subs.
    • Garchomp=Land Shark is cool.
    • Weavile=Claws of Fury, I guess.
    • Dialga=Cute cry. That's it.
  • Gen V
    • Chandelure=Favorite Poke. Awesome design wise, and competitive wise.
    • Ferrothorn=Animation won me over.
    • Hydreigon=Wings are a Giratina rip off, but it's a hydra.
    • Reshiram=The only legendary that can reproduce. Sexy.
    • Kyurem=Fugly, but has my favorite types.


I hate boasting about them, but here goes... I have a large assortment of Shiny Pokémon. More than a 100, in fact...

Sounds like a stretch, right? It isn't. Patience helps...

Anyways, I usually breed, but there are occasions where I catch them and trade them over the GTS. I show here a few of them:

Pokémon Firered

  • Venomoth=My first shiny. Got it on Berry Forest.
  • Nidoran=Male. Caught in Safari Zone. Got lucky.
  • Aerodactyl=Found from the Old Amber. No soft-resetting needed.
  • Fearow=Found around Seven Island.

Pokémon Emerald

Pokémon Diamond

  • Bidoof=After the League, I ventured through the first route. Found it.
  • Starly= ^Same, but different route. Lapse of 97 days.
  • Dialga= GTS, legit. I did use something to decode wether it was tampered with. Checked OT's background, etc... Took a lot to make sure it's legit.

Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon Heartgold

Pokémon Black

There are more, but here's a run-down. No RNG involved. However, I have my "own" method...

I tend to follow this:

Simple patience is the key.

How should I start? This is a simple question you should ask yourself.

It's random. Always be prepared.

Never give up. Relax and rest if necessary. Focusing never hurts anyone.

You got it. Consider it your Trophy.

Good Luck to all of you Shiny Hunters!

The Closing

My boring talk page comes to an end. Adios, and feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns you have in mind.