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Hello, world! As you can probably tell from my page title, my name is Arrogios. I have an unfortunate tendency to remember completely random and insignificant facts at the expense of more relevant stuff, which is how I became so obsessed with Pokémon. I started playing at the age of 3, when Yellow came out. I didn't really enjoy the game (unlike my older sister) and the only interesting I remember about it was that I had to train a Mankey to beat Brock, instead of using my Pikachu. I bought Gold as soon as it came out and beat the game and completed the National Dex in under a year (which is pretty impressive, considering I was 5). I then moved on to Ruby and discovered that I hated it compared to Gold. I then realized I had sold my only copy of Gold. much to my chagrin. Unlike most people, I didn't experience epileptic nostalgia seizures when FireRed and LeafGreen came out. I was gifted Emerald, but didn't think much of it - until I discovered the epic awesomeness of Rayquaza. Not to mention the fact that you could catch it before the Elite Four (i.e. I only used my Rayquaza and my Sceptile during the challenge). I wasn't too impressed with Diamond when it came out, except for the fact that it re-introduced real time. Plus, the 3D was cool. I bought and love HeartGold, and I got Platinum and SoulSilver as a gift. I only use Platinum for legendaries, and I got SS just to experiment with EVs and get a Cyndaquil to help complete the Dex in HG. My team has been perfectly crafted to suit any opponent. I'm still training most of them (Lanturn is still a Chinchou that I need to breed, etc.), which is why I haven't posted a friend code yet. Below, I will explain why I chose each of my Pokémon. Enjoy!

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My Team

How I Chose

I have long been researching type combinations, and I always believed that there was a "perfect" team that could be crafted. With some exceptions, no type has only one type it is strong against. Therefore, using type charts, I found the types that I needed to combat any type. I found Pokémon that were (completely or partially) of these types. I then narrowed them down to their final evolutions, and I selected the best Pokémon (statistically speaking) in those categories. With a few exceptions, I tried to avoid using any extremely commonly-used Pokémon. I'll explain in more detail below.


Lanturn is a very commonly used Pokémon for two reasons: its ability and the fact that it repels the most commonly-used super-effective type. I taught it some of the best moves of its type (no, I'm not going to say which ones. I don't want to put myself at a disadvantage) and some other good moves. I like Lanturn because of its HP, a stat that I always lack, and the fact that it's relatively easy to EV train. In addition, Lanturn has relatively low stats otherwise, but it really only needs two good stats - Special Attack and Special Defense.


Personally, I recoil at the idea of a Pokémon with a double weakness - particularly one with a double weakness to a such a spectacularly common type. However, I still chose Camerupt for its slightly-useful ability and for its decent special attack. Camerupt is capable of learning ridiculously good moves like Eruption and Fissure, even without the use of TMs. I also enjoy Camerupt's shiny form (323 s.png), which I am currently hyper-breeding for.