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In the beginning, there were perhaps just a handful. In five years, that handful went from less than ten to approximately 150 (over 250 a year and a half later), and there's still so many more to be named~ Yeah, I love Falkner to death. This is my way of showing it. I've named far more than my share, but it's too fun to stop. And this way, I can at least keep bloody track of it all in a systematic order.

  • means I didn't coin it.
  • means the name is otherwise doubled on - though in Birdshipping's case, it's all Lawrence.

Gym Leaders

Kanto Leaders
Inheritshipping Falkner & Brock
Tranceshipping Falkner & Forrest
Prideshipping Falkner & Misty
Albatrossshipping Falkner & Daisy
 ?shipping Falkner & Lily
Kikyoushipping Falkner & Violet
Taikoshipping Lt. Surge & Falkner
Hummingbirdshipping Falkner & Erika
Windchimeshipping Falkner & Sabrina
Nipponshipping Koga & Falkner
Fatherlyshipping Falkner & Janine
Siroccoshipping Blaine & Falkner
Giovanni & Falkner
Orange Crew
 ?shipping Falkner & Cissy
Summitshipping Danny & Falkner
Astoundshipping Rudy & Falkner
 ?shipping Falkner & Luana
Blueskyshipping Drake & Falkner
Johto Leaders
Zephyrshipping Falkner & his father
Walker & Falkner
Earlyshipping Falkner & Bugsy
RollingWindshipping Falkner & Whitney
Falkner & Morty
Galeshipping Chuck & Falkner
SteelWingshipping Falkner & Jasmine
Flurryshipping Pryce & Falkner
Wingshipping Falkner & Clair
Hoenn Leaders
BeginnerLuckshipping Falkner & Roxanne
Falkner & Brawly
Enervateshipping Wattson & Falkner
Halfsightshipping Falkner & Flannery
Lockedshipping Norman & Falkner
Falkner & Winona
Mistshipping Falkner & Liza
SolarWindshipping Falkner & Tate
Fledglingshipping Wallace & Falkner
Quicksilvershipping Juan & Falkner
Sinnoh Leaders
Athenashipping Falkner & Roark
Windridershipping Falkner & Gardenia
CraneStyleshipping Falkner & Maylene
Halcyonshipping Crasher Wake & Falkner
Nadirshipping Falkner & Fantina
Ganymedeshipping Byron & Falkner
Zenithshipping Falkner & Candice
Wildshipping Volkner & Falkner
Isshu Leaders
Cypselashipping Falkner & Cilan
Irohshipping Falkner & Chili
Decoyshipping Falkner & Cress
Penningtonshipping Falkner & Lenora
Talkshipping Burgh & Falkner
Clippedshipping Falkner & Elesa
Oilstrikeshipping Clay & Falkner
Atmosshipping Falkner & Skyla
Aoshunshipping Brycen & Falkner
Kiyohimeshipping Falkner & Iris
Atsutashipping Drayden & Falkner

League Elites

Elite Four
Blizzardshipping Falkner & Lorelei
Ventifactshipping Bruno & Falkner
ScreechOwlshipping Falkner & Agatha
Totemshipping Falkner & Will
Nightsongshipping Falkner & Karen
Moonriseshipping Sidney & Falkner
Vultureshipping Falkner & Phoebe
Borealisshipping Falkner & Glacia
Wynnshipping Drake & Falkner
Hushshipping Falkner & Aaron
Roostshipping Falkner & Bertha
Plumeshipping Flint & Falkner
Auguryshipping Lucian & Falkner
 ?shipping Falkner & Shauntal
Sesshosekishipping Grimsley & Falkner
Zhuqueshipping Falkner & Caitlin
UpperHandshipping Marshal & Falkner
Holidayshipping Lance & Falkner
Rocshipping Steven & Falkner
Reverseshipping Falkner & Cynthia
 ?shipping Alder & Falkner

Battle Heads

Frontier Brains of Hoenn
Freezershipping Noland & Falkner
Chantshipping Falkner & Greta
Canopyshipping Tucker & Falkner
Viralshipping Falkner & Lucy
 ?shipping Spenser & Falkner
Pathshipping Falkner & Anabel
FeatherDustershipping Brandon & Falkner
Frontier Brains of Sinnoh
Aviramashipping Palmer & Falkner
Superiorshipping Falkner & Thorton
Storkshipping Falkner & Dahlia
Jackdawshipping Falkner & Darach
 ?shipping Falkner & Caitlin
 ?shipping Falkner & Argenta
Subway Masters
Khamsinshipping Emmet & Falkner
Shamalshipping Ingo & Falkner

Game & Manga Based

Heroes vs. Dedicated Opponents
Ascensionshipping Falkner & Red
Falkner & Red
Brazenshipping Falkner & Blue
Proxyshipping Falkner & Blue
Tanukishipping Falkner & Leaf
Fearshipping Falkner & Green
GoldenFeathershipping Falkner & Ethan
Boomerangshipping Falkner & Gold
Fallenshipping Falkner & Kamon
Falkner & Silver
Cloudshipping Falkner & Kris
Falkner & Crystal
Quetzalshipping Falkner & Brendan
 ?shipping Falkner & Ruby
FengHuangshipping Falkner & May
 ?shipping Falkner & Sapphire
 ?shipping Falkner & Wally
Emperorshipping Falkner & Lucas
Falkner & Diamond
Aquilashipping Falkner & Barry
Veinshipping Falkner & Pearl
Songshipping Falkner & Dawn
Hepatizonshipping Falkner & Platinum
Keepershipping Falkner & Lyra
Bishopshipping Falkner & Hilbert
 ?shipping Falkner & Black
Rookshipping Falkner & Hilda
 ?shipping Falkner & White
Kóngurshipping Falkner & Cheren
Drottningshipping Falkner & Bianca
Pheasantshipping Professor Oak & Falkner
Hammockshipping Professor Elm & Falkner
Strungshipping Professor Birch & Falkner
Removedshipping Professor Rowan & Falkner
 ?shipping Falkner & Professor Juniper
 ?shipping Falkner & Solana
 ?shipping Falkner & Lunick
Hayasashipping Falkner & Spenser
 ?shipping Falkner & Cameron
 ?shipping Falkner & Joel
 ?shipping Falkner & Elita
 ?shipping Falkner & Kellyn
 ?shipping Falkner & Kate
 ?shipping Falkner & Ben
 ?shipping Falkner & Summer
Sinnoh Partners
Gladeshipping Falkner & Cheryl
Fogshipping Falkner & Mira
Loreshipping Falkner & Riley
Poeshipping Falkner & Marley
Suffershipping Falkner & Buck
Villainous Teams
Headboardshipping Archer & Falkner
Gildedleashshipping Ariana & Falkner
Depthshipping Petrel & Falkner
Bloodyshotshipping Proton & Falkner
 ?shipping Maxie & Falkner
DreadPirateshipping Archie & Falkner
PhoenixKingshipping Tabitha & Falkner
Kingfishershipping Falkner & Shelly
Barbarianshipping Cyrus & Falkner
Byzantiumshipping Mars & Falkner
Regimentalshipping Jupiter & Falkner
Kleinshipping Saturn & Falkner
Loftinessshipping N & Falkner
 ?shipping Ghetsis & Falkner
Appalledshipping Ice & Falkner
Joveshipping Falkner & Supurna

Anime Characters

Outlandishly Recurring Characters
Ascensionshipping Falkner & Ash
 ?shipping Falkner & Ashley
Hypocriteshipping Falkner & Ashachu
SkyKingshipping King of Pokélantis & Falkner
Wintergreenshipping Falkner & Tracey
Coattailshipping Falkner & Max
Petulantshipping Falkner & Jessie
Peacockshipping Falkner & James
LawEnforcementshipping Falkner & Officer Jenny
Priorityshipping Falkner & Nurse Joy
Midsummershipping Falkner & Professor Ivy
Brazenshipping Falkner & Gary
Paramnesiashipping Falkner & Ritchie
Winglessshipping Harrison & Falkner
Incompatibleshipping Falkner & Macy
Chanceshipping Falkner & Jackson
Dawnshipping Falkner & Drew
Harlequinshipping Harley & Falkner
Hakamashipping Falkner & Morrison
 ?shipping Tyson & Falkner
Falconryshipping Falkner & Solidad
Cynicshipping Falkner & Paul
Conspireshipping Falkner & Zoey
Pinnacleshipping Nando & Falkner
KidIcarusshipping Falkner & Kenny
Aquilashipping Falkner & Barry
Unfortunate Saps
Motileshipping Falkner & Jimmy
Cloudshipping Falkner & Marina
Not Terribly Important People
Harshshipping Falkner & A.J.
Bentoshipping Falkner & Bill
Robinsonshipping Falkner & Dario
Articunoshipping Falkner & Todd
Underwingshipping Falkner & Zackie
Scoreshipping Falkner & Casey
Talonshipping Falkner & Liza
Masamuneshipping Muramasa & Falkner
Thermalshipping Falkner & Sakura
Edoshipping Falkner & Satsuki
Hereticshipping Eusine & Falkner
Couriershipping Falkner & Wilbur
Ishidashipping Joshua & Falkner
Cheironomyshipping Falkner & Clark
Dokuganryuushipping Falkner & Evian
PetalBreezeshipping Falkner & Rosebay
AtOddsshipping Falkner & Ryan
AllOddsshipping Falkner & Bryan
Biasshipping Falkner & Jaco
OnTheWindshipping Falkner & Marnie
 ?shipping Falkner & Paige
 ?shipping Falkner & Conway
Austringershipping Falkner & Holly
Cruxshipping Falkner & Reggie
Anathemashipping Falkner & Sho
Instigateshipping Falkner & Khoury
Gym Assistants
Fawnshipping Falkner & Janina
 ?shipping Sergio & Falkner
 ?shipping Samuel & Falkner
 ?shipping Ian & Falkner
 ?shipping Falkner & Yōko
Team Rocket
 ?shipping Butch & Falkner
 ?shipping Falkner & Cassidy
Blustershipping Falkner & Wendy
Ferosityshipping Tyson & Falkner
Gravityshipping Attila & Falkner
Ironwingshipping Hun & Falkner
Paraglideshipping Falkner & Domino
Team Magma
Faultshipping Brodie & Falkner
Unassociated Villainous Types
Bindshipping Falkner & Hunter J
Movie Stars
Pidgeotshipping Falkner & Corey
Summonshipping Falkner & Melody
Birdshipping Lawrence III & Falkner
Belicoseshipping Vicious & Falkner
Sumieshipping Falkner & Bianca
SunShadowshipping Jack Walker & Falkner
Harpyshipping Falkner & Zero


Aeryshipping Falkner & Espeon
Anaheimshipping Falkner & Golduck
Anvilshipping Falkner & Blaziken
Armorshipping Falkner & Skarmory
Auraishipping Falkner & Jumpluff
Asundershipping Falkner, Lugia & Ho-oh
Barnshipping Falkner & Taillow
Bee'sKneesshipping Falkner & Vespiquen
Behemothshipping Falkner & Tyranitar
Beyondshipping Falkner & Umbreon
Buboshipping Falkner & Noctowl
Bushidoshipping Falkner, Blaziken & Empoleon
Capershipping Falkner & Liepard
Chandeliershipping Falkner & Glaceon
Cynusshipping Falkner & Articuno
Eolianshipping Falkner & Togekiss
Falloutshipping Falkner & Darkrai
Fierceshipping Falkner & Spearow
Fervorshipping Falkner & Moltres
FlyMeToTheMoonshipping Falkner & Lunatone
Forgeshipping Falkner & Flareon
ForYou!shipping Falkner & Delibird
Foxflyershipping Falkner & Zoroark
Fuumashipping Falkner & Gliscor
Glidershipping Falkner & Pidgeot
Hamayashipping Falkner & Mew
Hateshipping Falkner & Raikou
Heliacalshipping Falkner & Leafeon
Hirundoshipping Falkner & Swellow
Hokorashipping Falkner & Celebi
IllMetByshipping Falkner & Cresselia
Jiaolongshipping Falkner & Gyarados
Larineshipping Falkner & Wingull
Liarshipping Falkner & Jolteon
Luminashipping Falkner & Latias
Madashipping Falkner & Aerodactyl
Martyrshipping Falkner & Arceus
Nonpareilshipping Falkner & Togetic
NorthWindshipping Falkner & Suicune
Oathshipping Falkner & Lugia
Obscurashipping Falkner & Latios
Onheilswindshipping Falkner & Drifblim
Paralyzeshipping Falkner & Fearow
PeekABooshipping Falkner & Gastly
Rapiershipping Falkner & Farfetch'd
Reciteshipping Falkner & Chatot
Revolutionshipping Falkner & Shaymin
Rivenshipping Falkner & Ho-Oh
Saisenbakoshipping Falkner & Meowth
Seawingshipping Falkner & Vaporeon
Skytopshipping Falkner & Staraptor
Sparshipping Falkner & Gallade
Surrendershipping Falkner & Mewtwo
Swayshipping Falkner & Gardevoir
Swordshipping Falkner & Empoleon
Taintedshipping Falkner & Gengar
Tephrashipping Falkner & Entei
Torikoshipping Falkner & Swablu
Touchshipping Falkner & Emolga
Translucentshipping Falkner & Haunter
Umishipping Falkner & Absol
Verbotenshipping Falkner & Froslass
Voltaicshipping Falkner & Zapdos
Waxwingshipping Falkner & Lampent
Windsurfershipping Falkner & Mantine
WingRestshipping Falkner & Altaria
Wiseshipping Falkner & Hoothoot
Woobieshipping Falkner & Hoppip
Xoanonshipping Falkner & Rayquaza
Yakuzashipping Falkner & Honchkrow
Yangshipping Falkner & Charizard
Zeroshipping Falkner & Giratina
Zodianshipping Falkner & Jirachi
 ?shipping Falkner & Dialga
 ?shipping Falkner & Braviary
 ?shipping Falkner & Dodrio
 ?shipping Falkner & Ducklett
 ?shipping Falkner & Kyurem
 ?shipping Falkner & Litwick
 ?shipping Falkner & Mandibuzz
 ?shipping Falkner & Natu
 ?shipping Falkner & Palkia
 ?shipping Falkner & Reshiram
 ?shipping Falkner & Tornadus
 ?shipping Falkner & Xatu
 ?shipping Falkner & Zekrom

Monogamy Abandoned

AngelofDeathshipping Falkner, Forrest & Maria
Audubonshipping Falkner, Jaco & Winona
Aviaryshipping Lawrence III (Jirarudan), Falkner & Winona
Badnewsshipping Giovanni, Lawrence III & Falkner
Cabalshipping Pryce, Falkner & Clair
Cheatshipping Falkner, Ryan & Bryan
ChemicalRomanceshipping Falkner, Clair, Whitney & Jasmine
CommonFlightshipping Falkner, Bugsy & Janine
Crowshipping Falkner, Phoebe & Winona
EliteBlizzardshipping Lance, Falkner & Lorelei
Embroilshipping Falkner, Cress & Piplup
Foremostshipping Brock, Falkner, Roark & Roxanne
Havokshipping Archer, Falkner & Ariana
Hayatshipping Walker, Spenser & Falkner
Hellwaveshipping Volkner, Flint & Falkner
HidariMeshipping Cress, Falkner & Litwick
Impenetrableshipping Palmer, Volkner & Falkner
Jadedshipping Will, Brawly & Falkner
Jukozoshipping Falkner, Lyra & Ho-Oh
Levantershipping Cilan, Cress, Chili & Falkner
LunarWingshipping Falkner, Winona & Cresselia
Madnessshipping Proton, Falkner, Kamon & Bugsy
Marletshipping Darach, Falkner & Caitlin
MentalNightmareshipping Falkner, Tate & Liza
Molochshipping Wallace, Falkner & Lorelei
Nestshipping Falkner, Skyla & Winona
OneWingshipping Lance, Falkner, Clair & Winona
Pulchrashipping Falkner, Thorton & Will
RahRahFightThePowahshipping Falkner, Ethan & Whitney
Rallidaeshipping Emmet, Ingo & Falkner
Saphirashipping Falkner, Clair & Liza
Servitudeshipping Falkner, Melody & Lugia
SexintheSkyshipping Falkner, Winona & Clair
Skeironshipping Walker, Falkner & Suicune
StormSilvershipping Attila, Tyson, Hun & Falkner
Sunriseshipping Falkner, Will & Whitney
ThunderArmorshipping Volkner, Falkner & Ash
ThunderHuntershipping Jackie, Falkner & Zapdos
TideBellshipping Falkner, Ethan & Lugia
Ulyssesshipping Flint, Falkner, Flannery & Winona
Valvalisshipping Roark, Falkner & Winona
 ?shipping Drayden, Falkner & Iris

Honorable Mention

Honorshipping with Baggage
4Kingsshipping Eusine, Morty, Falkner & Lyra
Aethershipping Morty, Will, Falkner & Lyra
Altarshipping Morty, Falkner & Lyra
Auspiciousshipping Morty, Falkner, Lyra & Ho-Oh
BlackBalloonshipping Falkner, Morty, Winona & Phoebe
Danshokushipping Wallace, Morty, Steven Stone, Falkner & Brawly
FirstFourshipping Morty, Falkner, Bugsy & Whitney
Gateshipping Morty, Falkner & Ash
Ginkakushipping Morty, Falkner & Silver
Hellonairshipping Morty, Falkner & Clair
Heolstorshipping Morty, Falkner & Karen
Hiddenshipping Morty, Falkner & Cress
Karmashipping Eusine, Morty, Will & Falkner
Kinkakushipping Morty, Falkner & Ethan
Locustshipping Morty, Falkner & Bugsy
Lovelyangstyfanserviceshipping Morty, Eusine, Lawrence III & Falkner
MaidofHonorshipping Morty, Falkner & Monica
Mixtureshipping Morty, Falkner & Aaron
Naitoshipping Falkner, Morty & Brawly
NorthCircleshipping Morty, Falkner & Whitney
OnMyHonorshipping Eusine, Morty, Falkner & Clair
Priestshipping Morty, Falkner & Melody
PrincessGuardshipping Morty, Falkner & Jasmine
Quartzshipping Falkner, Morty, Will & Whitney
Reincarnationshipping Morty, Falkner, Will & Lyra
SacredHonorshipping Morty, Eusine & Falkner
Thoughtfulshipping Morty, Will & Falkner
Wellspringshipping Wallace, Morty & Falkner
Windowshipping Morty, Falkner & Gardenia

Sadly Relative

Casualties of the Bird Master
Dishonorshipping Morty & Cress
FalknerClonesshipping Cress & Winona
Honorlessshipping Morty & Walker
Horrorshipping Morty & Litwick

Useless Trivia

  • No "strange" word on this list isn't real in one language or another; no word is made from purely the imagination, or isn't authenticated with official useage (Saphira is the dragon from Eragon; Wynn is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card character).
    • In the case of Hayat, it is meant to be a play on words (two Hayates and a Hayato), but a "hayat" is a type of Persian garden design.
    • In the case of Hellonair, it is meant to be "hell on air" but excludes capitals to make it look like a made-up word.
    • In the case of Toriko, it is meant to be a combination of tori (bird) and -ko (child). There is also a manga called Toriko, with no relation.
  • At the addition of 4Kingsshipping to the list, Falkner became the first character to span the entire alphabet (plus a numeral) in context to the list's coined 'ship names (Lyra became the second with the addition of XXXIsDeadshipping: her and Sidney).
  • This is likely the only personal User page I'm ever going to make. *shields it* Don't take it away~