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User:Alexsummer/My Pokemon Shippings

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Pokemon Shippings

Pokemon Shipping Trainer's Pkmn
Ash Pikachu.png Dawn Buneary.png CuteHeartShipping Ash's Pikachu & Dawn's Buneary
Ash Staraptor.png Ash Unfezant.png BirdlyShipping Ash's Staraptor & Ash's Unfezant
Ash Buizel.png Ash Snivy.png QuietFightShipping Ash's Buizel & Ash's Snivy
Ash Sceptile.png Ash Bayleef.png QuietFightShipping Ash's Sceptile & Ash's Bayleef
Misty Goldeen.png Misty Seaking.png FishKingdomShipping Misty's Goldeen & Misty's Seaking
Skyla Swanna.png Misty Psyduck.png Duck???SwanShipping Skyla's Swanna & Misty's Psyduck
Dawn Pachirisu.png Misty Azurill.png BabyPkmnBubbleShipping Dawn's Pachirisu & Misty's Azurill
Misty Togetic.png Iris Axew.png JustLoveCoolShipping [Misty's Togetic]] & [[[Iris's Axew]]