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User:Agggron/Venonat evo

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Bug / Ice

Base Stats

HP: 70
Attack: 55
Defense: 50
SpAtk: 95
SpDef: 75
Speed: 105


Gather: Increases Special Attack and Special Defense by 50% when under the Swarm condition.

Signature Moves

Type: Bug
Power: -
Accuracy: -
PP: 10
Effect: Brings a swarm of gnats to attack. Does damage to both players (Similar to Sandstorm), but doesn't affect Bug-types. Activates the Gather ability.

Bug Host:
Type: Bug
Power: 80
Accuracy: 95
PP: 10
Effect: Heals the user 50% of the damage dealt (Similar to Giga Drain)


Generation IV
Lv. Move Type Cat.
Start Tackle Normal Physical
Disable Normal Status
3 Defense Curl Normal Status
6 Powder Snow Ice Special
9 Bug Bite Bug Physical
11 Baton Pass Normal Status
15 Bite Dark Physical
18 Minimize Normal Status
22 Aurora Beam Ice Special
26 Safeguard Normal Status
29 Signal Beam Bug Special
33 Agility Psychic Status
35 Swarm Bug Status
39 Bug Host Bug Special
45 Blizzard Ice Special


 Bug  Poison 
Town Map
Level up
at Ice Rock

First evolution
 Bug  Ice