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Admittedly, I am only a casual user of Bulbapedia and employ it largely for reference and occasional improvements to grammar and diction mostly on pages concerning the Pokémon species. Note that I am not seeking friends online through Bulbapedia.

Now that school has resumed, I am much busier, so I will edit much less frequently (not that I contribute much on Bulbapedia to begin with). Also, as a service to the Bulbapedia server, I will intentionally keep this page simple in terms of presentation.

Moreover, I am actually looking forward to using this User page to respectfully share my views on the Pokémon franchise with other considerate observers of said franchise. Such views will be covered in the section "Modest Proposals and Musings" (see below). For the sake of saving space, the subsections of "Modest Proposals and Musings" will be included on this page rather than in supplemental pages.

About Myself

  • I am a Bulbapedia user from Florida, USA.
  • I am only a fan of the primary canon of Pokémon games.
  • I do not support or engage in Poké-shipping.

[Note: In the following section, lower numbers indicate higher preference for that enumerated item.]

  • favorite Pokémon:
    • 1: Lucario - Has satisfactory Speed and a diverse movepool with exceptional moves for Offense. Dark Pulse and Aura Sphere complete the wonderful package!
    • 2: Sceptile - Finally! Here comes a phenomenal Grass-type for speedy Offense.
    • 3: Venasaur - Has a diverse movepool with exceptional Support moves.
    • 4: Vigoroth
  • favorite types:
    • 1: Grass - Thankfully, Generation IV was very generous with this type.
    • 2: Fighting - Poliwrath, Blaziken (and its carbon copy Infernape), Breloom, Gallade, and Lucario as well as the increased availability of TM31 Brick Break (for Electabuzz, Ampharos, Magmar, various normal types, etc.) in Generation III made this type worthwhile additons to my teams. Alas, if only Donphan and Granbull could join their ranks! (see "IF ONLY, IF ONLY").
  • favorite moves:
    • 1: Aura Sphere
    • 2: Leaf Blade
    • 3: Brick Break
    • 4: Dark Void
    • 5: Fire Punch / Ice Punch / Thunder Punch

Modest Proposals and Musings

IF ONLY, IF ONLY: Changes to the Main-Canon Pokénon Games and Species

Spr 4d 206.png Spr 3r 232.png

Note that some of these ideas have already been proposed by fellow Bulbapedia user MAGNEDETH.

Changes to Pokémon Species

Changes to Pokémon Moves

Changes to Geography in Pokémon Games


  • Cinnabar Island should be larger with a volcano on it and walkable routes around the island as well.




  • Route 218 should offer a longer path for crossing with HM03 Surf.

Changes to 'Mechanics' in Pokémon Games

  • The Steel-type should NOT be weak to the Fighting-type.
  • Resistance against certain types is increased to ×0.75 from ×0.5.

WANTED: Evolutions and 'Pre-Evolutions'

Spr 4d 303.pngSpr 4p 214 m.png Spr 3f 083.png

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE: Why Where These Pokémon Created?


I could not help including such a section. I'd appreciate others' input on the propositions in this section.

  • What if Pokémon could have two abilities at a time rather than just one?
  • As a raptor (bird of prey), what if Staraptor were be Dark/Flying or even Fighting/Flying?

Thanks you for your time and interest in my User page!