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User:♫Green♫/Wiki Code Guide

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Welcome to my Userspace!

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My Page! Talk to Me! My Edits! Sandbox! Wiki Code!

This is a page specifically to help users with Wiki Code.

User Namespace


  • 11

A number of current administrators is {{NUMBEROFADMINS}}.

  • 116,089

A number of users is {{NUMBEROFUSERS}}.

  • 26,281

A number of articles is {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}.

  • 551

The number of active users is {{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}}.

  • 51

A number of users in abuse is {{NUMBERINGROUP:abuse}}.

Time Templates

  • 10:36

The current time would be {{CURRENTTIME}}.

  • Monday

The current day is {{CURRENTDAYNAME}}.

  • September

The current month it {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}.

  • 22

The current date is {{CURRENTDAY}}.

  • 2014

The year is {{CURRENTYEAR}}.


22 September 2014

This template adds the last edit(s) on Bulbapedia {{Special:Recentchanges/1}}. The number at the end can be substituted with any number up to 500.

This leads to a random page on Bulbapedia {{Special:Random}}. You may change the random preference by adding a /User, /Shipping/, or /Appendix at the end, for {{Special:Random/User}}, {{Special:Random/Shipping}}, and {{Special:Random/Appendix}}.

This is a list of the recent articles on Bulbanews, {{:Current events}}.


Color can be inserted to make things look bright and attractive! For a list of colors with their wiki code numbers, see List of colors. Note that the code used is under the Hex-triplet column!

Color switch can be used to switch the colors of things, #{{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 6}}|0=FFCCCC|1=8674A8|2=2E2ED4|3=CEDE48|4=F99CB8|5=FF7777}}. You can add any color you want. The "mod" number must correspond to the number of colors, hence the highest number + 1, for 0.

User Tags

  • {{User Template|Opening text|Link|Ending text.|Image|special|Type color 1|Type color 2|Type color 3}}

Self explanatory text in the template itself. For a guide to usertags, see Bulbapedia:Usertags. For a list of usertags, see Category:User tags.


  • __NOTOC__/__TOC__

__NOTOC__ is used when you don't want a table of contents on a certain page. __TOC__ is used when you want the table of contents, but you want it in a certain place.

  • Random Pokémon

An image that switches, {{subst:Imagelink|{{padleft:{{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 493 + 1}}}}.png|80px|80px|{{Num2N|{{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 493 + 1}}}}|{{Num2N|{{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 493 + 1}}|3}} (Pokémon)}}.

  • Word Switch

Similarly to color switch, except the color hex-triplet is replaced with desired words, {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 2}}|0=Word Switch|1=Switching Words|2=Words that switch}}.


This is used to remove the small blue "edit" links on the side of pages, __NOEDITSECTION__.

  • <small> and <big>

<small> makes the size of text decrease and <big> to increase the text size. To undo these, </small> and </big> will work.

Talk Namespace

Other user's pages

  • Subst:

Subst: is used to take all the contents of a page and put into onto another (i.e.Subst:Welcome).

  • {{subst:Welcome}}

This is used to welcome new users. Type {{subst:Welcome}}, and the standard welcome template will appear!

  • {{subst:Unsigned|User Name}}

When a user doesn't sign their comments, just add {{subst:Unsigned|User Name}}, which will appear as - unsigned comment from GreenGyarados (talkcontribs) .

  • Warning Templates

Warning templates are used when a user has broken one of the binding rules of Bulbapedia. For more information, see Category:Warning templates.


  • <s>/</s>

These are used to slash through text, like this. Can be used in signatures.

  • <sup>, </sup>

Sup causes text to appear like this. Can be used in signatures.

Main Namespace

  • Image Size

130.png 130.png 130.png To change the size of the image, [[Image|Numberpx]] will work, for example, [[File:130.png|100px]].

  • Image Words

Gyarados! If you mouse over the Gyarados, notice that the text box will say "Gyarados!". To achieve this, [[File:130.png|Gyarados!]].

  • <nowiki>, </nowiki>

As used many times in this subpage, this template ignores wiki-code formatting inside the template. <nowiki>~~~</nowiki> instead of ♫Green♫ギャラドス♫Talk♫.