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Unnamed island (EP090)

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Unnamed island
ななしの島 Unnamed island
Unnamed island EP090.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Stage Fight!
Orange Islands map.png
Location of Unnamed island in the Orange Archipelago

An unnamed island in the Orange Archipelago appears in Stage Fight!. Unlike most other unnamed islands, no labeled island appears between the island from Shell Shock and Kinnow Island. It is probably the tiny island between the two islands. The island has a large city, as well as a port where the Pokémon Showboat was docked.

Pokémon seen on the island

Kay Raichu.png
Showboat Crew Clefable.png
Showboat Crew Abra.png
Showboat Crew Machoke.png
Showboat Crew Hitmonchan.png
Jynx Foot.png
Showboat Crew Mr Mime.png
Mr. Mime
Jynx Foot.png

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