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Whirl Cup winner

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The Champion

The Whirl Cup Champion is a character of the day who appeared in The Perfect Match!

He battled against Trinity in the final stages of the Whirl Cup championship. However, just before the battle began, Team Rocket broke into the competition with the intent of stealing the Great Spirit Sapphire Sea. He, Trinity, Ash, and Misty defeated Team Rocket, and he then continued with the battle.

Although the battle was not shown, he appeared later receiving the award for winning the championship.


Unnamed Trainer's Feraligatr
Feraligatr appeared during the Trainer's match against Trinity. It was used along with Trinity's Golduck, Misty's Poliwhirl, and Ash's Totodile to combine Water Gun attacks to defeat Team Rocket, after which the battle continued.

Feraligatr's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut The Perfect Match!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小西克幸 Katsuyuki Konishi

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