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Treasure Sea (Friend Area)

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Treasure Sea たからねむるうみ
Sleeping Treasure Sea
Treasure Sea.png
Treasure Sea
Predominant Type Water
Capacity 10
Method to Obtain
Buy for 4,500 Poké
Friend Area

Treasure Sea (Japanese: たからねむるうみ Sleeping Treasure Sea) is a Friend Area. It has a capacity of only ten Pokémon, all of which can be recruited or evolved from Pokémon recruited in Silver Trench. It is available for 4,500 Poké from Wigglytuff in Pokémon Square.



A wrecked ship occupies north-west of the area. Planks of wood and two treasure chests are scattered throughout it. Beams of light radiate down from the surface.

In-game data

It is said that on its floor lie the treasures of pirate ships sunken long ago.


Pokémon Location
116 Horsea Silver Trench (B10F-B20F)
Grand Sea (B10F-B20F)
Fantasy Strait (B1F-B10F)
117 Seadra Evolve Horsea
Stormy Sea (B30F-B39F)
Silver Trench (B30F-B39F)
Grand Sea (B27F-B30F)
Fantasy Strait (B30F)
223 Remoraid Silver Trench (B50F-B59F)
Marvelous Sea (B10F-B19F)
Fantasy Strait (B10F-B19F)
224 Octillery Evolve Remoraid
Silver Trench (B60F-B69F)
Far-off Sea (B55F-B64F)
Team Constrictor (B3F)
230 Kingdra Evolve Seadra
318 Carvanha Stormy Sea (B35F-B39F)
Silver Trench (B30F-B39F)
Far-off Sea (B30F-B39F)
Fantasy Strait (B30F)
319 Sharpedo Evolve Carvanha
347 Anorith Stormy Sea (B9F-B17F)
Silver Trench (B14F-B23F)
Grand Sea (B14F-B23F)
Far-off Sea (B14F-B23F)
Marvelous Sea (B14F-B20F)
Fantasy Strait (B14F-B23F)
348 Armaldo Evolve Anorith
370 Luvdisc Silver Trench (B45F-B54F)
Far-off Sea (B45F-B54F)

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