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The Chosen One

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This article is about the song. If you are looking for the person the legend speaks of, see Ash Ketchum.

The Chosen One is a song from the second movie, The Power of One. It is also featured on the movie's soundtrack.

It tells the legend of the legendary birds, Lugia, and Shamouti Island. It is performed by The B-52's.


Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice or lightning
Lest these titans wreck destruction upon the world in which they clash
Though the water's great guardian shall rise to quell the fighting
Alone its song will fail, thus the earth shall turn to ash
The chosen one (you are the chosen one...)
Oh, the chosen one

Into thine hands bring together all three
The treasures combined tame the beast at the sea
From the trio of islands ancient spheres shall you take
For between life and death, all the difference you make

The chosen one (you are the chosen one...)
Oh, the chosen one

Climb to the shrine to right what is wrong
And the world will be healed by the guardian's song

The chosen one (you are the chosen one...)
Oh, the chosen one

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