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Template:User Event Pokémon

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Spr 4d 385.png This user has a Tanabata 2008 Jirachi.

To customize this tag, add the following:

  1. Sprite filename
  2. Name of the event Pokémon
  3. Bulbapedia article to link to (indicating specific section of the article if desired; eg. List of Nintendo event Pokémon in 2010#10th Anniversary Mew)
  4. Background color
  5. Border color
  6. Secondary background color
  7. Text color

If the name of the event Pokémon begins with a vowel, you can add |vowel=yes somewhere along the line, because the English language is such a pain.

For example,
{{User Event Pokémon|Spr 4d 004|Birthday Charmander|List of local Japanese event Pokémon distributions in Generation IV#2009 Birthday Charmander|{{fire color}}|{{fire color dark}}|{{fire color light}}|F9DE9A}}
would result in:

Spr 4d 004.png This user has a Birthday Charmander.