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This template is no longer used. It is being retained for archival purposes.
V Black White Black2 White2 Back
Spr 5b 646.png Spr 5b 646.png Spr b 5b 646.png
Spr 5b2 646B.png Spr b 5b2 646B.png
Spr 5b2 646W.png Spr b 5b2 646W.png
Spr 5b 646 s.png Spr 5b 646 s.png Spr b 5b 646 s.png
Spr 5b2 646B s.png Spr b 5b2 646B s.png
Spr 5b2 646W s.png Spr b 5b2 646W s.png