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At the end of a motto in the XY series

The Team Rocket motto (Japanese: ロケット名乗 Rocket Gang's self-introduction) is a motto that Team Rocket members often recite and/or live by.

In the anime

Jessie, James, and Meowth have several mottos, saying one of them in nearly every episode when they reveal themselves to Ash and his friends. Early on, they had an irresistible urge to say it whenever hearing the word "trouble", but this seemingly has been left to the past. This motto would usually be said by all members of the trio, but when one of them is not present, another member takes their line.

Original motto

The original motto was used from Pokémon Emergency! to From Brags to Riches. The original background music was used until the end of the original series. The new music debuted in Get the Show on the Road.

Japanese Translation English
ムサシ: なんだかんだと聞かれたら Musashi: If you ask us this or that... Jessie: Prepare for trouble!
コジロウ: 答えてあげるのが世の情け Kojirō: The pity of the world is what responds! James: Make it double!
ムサシ: 世界の破壊を防ぐため Musashi: To prevent the destruction of the world! Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!
コジロウ: 世界の平和を守るため Kojirō: To protect the peace of the world! James: To unite all peoples within our nation!
ムサシ: 愛と真実の悪をつらぬく Musashi: To stand by the evils of love and truth! Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
コジロウ: ラブリー・チャーミーな敵役 Kojirō: The lovely, charmy villains! James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
ムサシ: ムサシ Musashi: Musashi! Jessie: Jessie!
コジロウ: コジロウ Kojirō: Kojirō! James: James!
ムサシ: 銀河をかけるロケット団の二人には…… Musashi: The pair from Team Rocket soars through the galaxy! Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
コジロウ: ホワイトホール、白い明日が待ってるぜ Kojirō: A white hole, a white tomorrow awaits us! James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!
ニャース: にゃんてにゃ Nyarth: Something like that! Meowth: Meowth! That's right!

Since the episode Team Rocket was introduced in, the duo has been rhyming "prepare for trouble" and "make it double" phrases. An example from ZigZag Zangoose!, in which Jessie was training Seviper and Meowth filled in for her, is:

Meowth: Prepare for trouble, here in the wood...
James: ... and make it double, like you know that you should!

Also, in almost all episodes after the Orange League, they tend to alter the first two sentences to match the current situation.

Also, the lines "To denounce the evils of truth and love!" and "To extend our reach to the stars above!" were often said by both Jessie and James in the first season.

There were many occasions in which they would use a radio or something else to play the background music. Also, in many later episodes, James said "fight, fight, fight" instead of just the singular "fight" at the end of his last line. Wobbuffet also began saying its name at the end of the motto in Tunnel Vision, and has done so in most episodes since.

This version of the motto was used in commercials for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen with each line being said by different children, omitting the parts at which Jessie, James and Meowth say their own names and the line "Team Rocket, blasting off at the speed of light."

Team Rocket returned to this motto in A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine, as a return to their "hip and cool" ways, done by only Jessie, James, and Meowth, without the usual ending additions of Wobbuffet and Mime Jr.

From New Places... Familiar Faces! onwards, Team Rocket started using this motto again, after having failed in their latest operation and making a brief retreat back to Kanto. Some slight changes in the dubbed version are that, the first lines are recited in most cases as "Prepare for trouble, you know the drill", "And make it double, you'll get your fill"*, and James now says either "To unite the people within our nation" or "To unite all people within our nation", instead of "To unite all peoples within our nation".

Variations in the original series

Variations in the Advanced Generation series

Variations in the Best Wishes series

Variations in the XY series

Song versions

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Battle Frontier

During the Battle Frontier saga, Jessie, James, and Meowth changed their motto. This motto was used from The Scheme Team to Two Degrees of Separation!.

Japanese Translation English
ムサシ: なんだかんだと声がする Musashi: There is a voice saying something. Jessie: Prepare for trouble from the skies!
コジロウ: 地平線の彼方から Kojirō: From beyond the horizon... James: From beyond the stars, a nasty surprise!
ムサシ: ビッグバンの彼方から Musashi: From beyond the big bang... Jessie: An evil as old as the galaxy...
コジロウ: 我らを呼んでる声がする Kojirō: A voice is calling us! James: ...sent here to fulfill our destiny!
ニャース: お待たせにゃ Nyarth: Sorry to keep you waiting! Meowth: Plus, there's me!
ムサシ: 健気に咲いた悪の花 Musashi:Evil flowers who have courageously bloomed! Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
コジロウ: ハードでスイートな敵役 Kojirō: In the role of the villains who are hard and sweet! James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
ムサシ: ムサシ Musashi: Musashi! Jessie: Jessie!
コジロウ: コジロウ Kojirō: Kojirō! James: And James!
ニャース: ニャースでニャース Nyarth: And Nyarth! Meowth: And Meowth are the names!
ムサシ: ロケット団のあるところ Musashi: The place where Team Rocket is Jessie: Anywhere there's peace in the universe...
コジロウ: 世界は Kojirō: The world- James: ...Team Rocket...
ニャース: 宇宙は Nyarth: The universe- Meowth: ...Will be there...
All: 君を待っている All: Awaits you! All: To make everything worse!
ソーナンス: ソーナンス! Sonans: Sōnansu! Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Since the first episode, they have adapted their traditional rhyming phrases "Prepare for trouble" and "Make it double" into the motto, thereby restoring the first two lines of the original motto. James's Chimecho and Mime Jr. also contribute their names at the end of the motto in most episodes they appear in.

The Ole' Berate and Switch mottos

In this episode the main antagonists temporarily split up, only to get reunited in the end of the episode. During the time they were split, Jessie teamed with Butch, and James joined Cassidy and Butch (even though Butch never was with them). During the experience, both teams tried to recite a motto, which really didn't work because neither could remember the correct version.

Cassidy's and James's motto
Cassidy: Prepare for trouble, it's a brand new day!
James: We're making it double anyway!
Mime Jr.: Mime mime, mime mime mime!
Cassidy: Let's see if I can remember my lines! An evil as old as the galaxy!
James: Sent here to fulfill our destiny!
Cassidy: To denounce the goodness of truth and love!
James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
Cassidy: Whenever there's a piece of pie in the universe...
James: Of pie?
Cassidy (stopping the motto): Aaah... I goofed it, so what!?
James (despairing): Forget it...
Jessie's and Butch's motto
Jessie: Prepare for trouble, we've shuffled the deck!
Butch: It's not my thing, but what the heck!?
Jessie: An evil as old as the galaxy!
Butch: I'm doing this all from memory!
Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
Butch: To extend my arm with a big white glove!
Jessie (angrily looking at him): Jessie!
Butch (realizing that his previous line was somewhat idiotic): Aaah, Butch...
Jessie (kicking him in the face): Cut! Do it right or don't do it at all!


In Sinnoh, the trio changed to a new motto yet again. This motto was used from When Pokémon Worlds Collide! to Bucking the Treasure Trend!.

Japanese Translation English
ムサシ: なんだかんだの声を聞き Musashi: We hear voices saying this and that... Jessie: Listen, is that a voice I hear?
コジロウ: 光の速さでやってきた Kojirō: We come along in a swift current of light... James: It's speaking to me loud and clear.
ムサシ: 風よ Musashi: The wind! Jessie: On the wind!
コジロウ: 大地よ Kojirō: The land! James: Past the stars!
ニャース: 大空よ Nyarth: The sky! Meowth: In your ear!
ムサシ: 世界に届けよう デンジャラス Musashi: The danger we will deliver to the world! Jessie: Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace.
コジロウ: 宇宙に伝えよう クライシス Kojirō: The crisis we will convey to the universe! James: Dashing hope, putting fear in its place.
ムサシ: 天使か悪魔か その名を呼べば Musashi: Whether angels or demons, if you call the name, Jessie: A rose by any other name is just as sweet.
コジロウ: 誰もが震える魅惑の響き Kojirō: The captivating echo that shakes everyone... James: When everything's worse, our work is complete.
ムサシ: ムサシ Musashi: Musashi! Jessie: Jessie!
コジロウ: コジロウ Kojirō: Kojirō James: And it's James!
ニャース: ニャースでニャース Nyarth: And Nyarth! Meowth: And Meowth, now that's a name!
ムサシ: 時代の主役はあたしたち Musashi: The stars of the era are us! Jessie: Putting the do-gooders in their place...
コジロウ: 我らは無敵の Kojirō: We are the invincible... James: ...we're Team Rocket...
All: ロケット団 All: Team Rocket! All: your face!
ソーナンス: ソーナンス Sonans: Sōnansu! Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

In the dub, they often replace the first two lines with

Jessie: Listen, is that a twerpish voice I hear?
James: It's shrieking to me loud and clear.
Jessie: Listen, is that a pitiful head of a Pokécenter I hear?
James: It whines to me loud and clear.

or something similar. As in Battle Frontier, Mime Jr. contributes its name after Wobbuffet.

It is notable that the Sinnoh motto is modified more often even in the Japanese version.

Variations in the Diamond & Pearl series


In Unova, the trio changed to a new motto yet again, in episode Enter Iris and Axew!.

Japanese Translation English
ムサシ: 」と聞かれたら Musashi: If we were asked "*" Jessie: What a question, twerpish indeed!
コジロウ: 答えてあげよう明日のため Kojirō: We will answer for the sake of tomorrow! James: We'll answer these questions when we feel the need!
ムサシ: フューチャー 白い未来は悪の色 Musashi: Future! A white future reflects the color of evil! Jessie: Bringing the blinding white light of evil into the future!
コジロウ: ユニバース 黒い世界に正義の鉄槌 Kojirō: Universe! The hammer of justice in a black world! James: Thrusting the hammer of justice down onto the black darkness of the universe!
ニャース: 我らこの地にその名を記す Nyarth: Our names will be remembered in this place! Meowth: Carving our names in the Rock of Eternity!
ムサシ: 情熱の破壊者 ムサシ! Musashi: Destroyer of passion, Musashi! Jessie: The fiery destroyer, Jessie!
コジロウ: 暗黒の純情 コジロウ! Kojirō: Pure heart of darkness, Kojirō! James: And with thunderous emotion, I am James!
ニャース: 無限の知性 ニャース! Nyarth: Infinite intelligence, Nyarth! Meowth: Wisest of the wise, Meowth!
All: さあ集え! ロケット団の名のもとに! All: Come gather! Under the name of Team Rocket! All: And now gather, under the name of Team Rocket!

"*" denotes the phrase Jessie copies when they are about to announce their motto.

Copied phrases

Only the line Jessie copies from and the line she begins the motto with are shown. The rest of the motto follows.

Adventures in Unova

In New Places... Familiar Faces!, Jessie, James and Meowth reverted to their original motto with some slight alterations to it, like James' line of "To unite all peoples within our nation." was altered to "To unite the people within our nation." and instead of just saying their names it changed from "Jessie." "James." to "It's Jessie." "And James" (sometimes "And it's James"). In Adventures to Unova the motto stayed the same just as it did in the original series but in Adventures in Unova and Beyond the motto is altered to the situation.


Just like in Adventures in Unova and Beyond, Jessie, James and Meowth still currently use their original motto from the original series but it is altered to the situation at hand in the episode.

Meowth filling in for Jessie or James

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In many occasions, because Jessie or James weren't around, Meowth would fill the missing member lines. This first happened in Island of Giant Pokemon, when Meowth, along with Ekans and Koffing, were separated from Jessie and James. When they discover Ash's Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, who were separated from their Trainer as well, Meowth attempted to recite the motto, but failed because Jessie and James weren't around. In The Stun Spore Detour, where Meowth and James were following Misty to get some Salveyo Weed to heal Jessie from an attack by a wild Vileplume's Stun Spore. It happened again in ZigZag Zangoose!, in which Jessie was training Seviper, and James, Meowth and Wobbuffet tried to steal Ash's Pikachu. Later, in That's Just Swellow, Jessie and Meowth tried to steal the losing flying Pokémon almost at the end of the Contest, and because James was still participating on it, Meowth and Jessie said the motto all by themselves. In The Saffron Con, meanwhile Jessie was at an operation room, Meowth and James tried to steal some Pokémon. When Ash and his friend saw them, they said a special motto. Also, in Off the Unbeaten Path, while James was participating in the Pokémon Orienteering Contest, Jessie and Meowth tried to steal the prize and some Pokémon. When they were spotted by his friends, they said their motto. Meanwhile, they were saying that, Ash and his friends saved the Pokémon and the prize, leaving Jessie and Meowth really angry. In Bonnie for the Defense!, Jessie and Meowth said the motto together, surprising Ash and his friends while they were escorting a lost Lapras back to the ocean. James's absence was later explained by him being waiting further ahead, ready to catch the group off-guard in case they got away.

Butch and Cassidy

Butch and Cassidy also have a set of mottos, which are similar to Jessie and James's mottos. In The Breeding Center Secret, it is implied to be based on Jessie and James's motto, though in Pikachu Re-Volts, they state that theirs is actually the correct version. During Pokémon Chronicles, they add "(now) here's our mission, so ya better listen!" after Butch's first line of their version of the "original" motto. Like Meowth and Wobbuffet, Cassidy's Raticate appears at the end. Apparently, they have switched to a new motto, which is itself similar to Jessie and James's Sinnoh motto, with Butch's Shuckle appearing instead of Cassidy's Raticate.

Original motto

Japanese Translation English
ヤマト何だかんだと聞かれたら Yamato: If you ask us this or that... Cassidy: Prepare for trouble...
コサブロウ答えないのが普通だが Kosaburou: We usually don't respond Butch: ...and make it double!
二人まあ特別に答えてやろう Both: But we'll make an exception this time and answer! Both: Here's our mission, so you better listen!
ヤマト地球の破壊を防ぐため Yamato: To prevent the destruction of the Earth! Cassidy: To infect the world with devastation!
コサブロウ地球の平和を守るため Kosaburou: To protect the peace of the Earth! Butch: To blight all people in every nation!
ヤマト愛と誠実な悪を貫く Yamato: To stand by evil with love and sincerity! Cassidy: To denounce the goodness of truth and love!
コサブロウキュート でお茶目な敵役 Kosaburou: The cute, mischievous villains! Butch: To extend our wrath to the stars above!
ヤマトヤマト Yamato: Yamato! Cassidy: Cassidy!
コサブロウコサブロウ Kosaburou: Kosaburou! Butch: And Butch, of course!
ヤマト宇宙を駆ける ロケット団の二人には Yamato: The pair from Team Rocket soars through the universe! Cassidy: We're Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and night!
コサブロウショッキングピンク桃色の明日が待ってるぜ Kosaburou: Shocking pink, a pink tomorrow awaits us! Butch: Surrender to us now or you will surely lose the fight!

Sinnoh motto

This is the version used in Sleight of Sand. Because of some of the lines included, it was probably composed especially for whenever the two Team Rocket groups crossed paths.

Cassidy: A shrieking whine! A blast from the past!
Butch: Spinning like a Gyro Ball and moving fast!
Cassidy: To the moon...
Butch: ...And beyond...
Both: ...What a blast!
Cassidy: Administering justice with lightning speed!
Butch: Bashing the bad guys, should we feel the need.
Cassidy: So here's a newsflash from across the wire...
Butch: The real Team Rocket is now on fire!
Cassidy: Cassidy!
Butch: And it's Butch!
Shuckle: Shuck-uckle!
Cassidy: Teaching the losers a thing or two...
Butch: ...The true Team Rocket...
Both: Us! Not you!


...Ditto these two.

The motto has been ripped off repeatedly by Ash and his friends during the series. The first time it was done was in Bye Bye Butterfree, in which Ash, Misty and Brock entered the house where Team Rocket was by breaking the windows and by saying the first lines of the motto. In Ditto's Mysterious Mansion, Ash, Misty, and Brock, along with Duplica, put on Team Rocket uniforms and mocked the original motto, with Duplica severely angering the two by saying "ignite" instead of "unite". In Holy Matrimony!, James's parents revealed that they weren't dead by saying the lines "Prepare for trouble!" and "Yes dear, and make it double!".

The director Cleavon Schpielbunk used a motto to introduce himself — "Prepare for trouble! No stunt double!" — with Jessie saying, "Wait a second, aren't those our lines?" after the first two lines.

In It's Mr. Mime Time when Ash revealed that he was the one in the Mr. Mime costume, the Team Rocket background music was playing. The motto was mockingly mimicked again in The Chikorita Rescue!. In The Mother Of All Battles!, the Pokémon Poacher Brothers introduced themselves to Ash and the gang in a Team Rocket-style motto. However, there was no background music like in the Rocket's introduction; instead, they only said their names with a big "B" behind them. But even though it was different, Jessie stated that they were just imitating them. Much later, the DP motto was mocked in Mass Hip-Po-Sis and The Keystone Pops!. Like the many times before, the trio was angered.

In Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!, Bonnie and Serena imitated the motto, angering them once again.

In The Cave of Mirrors!, the Mirror World's version of Team Rocket performed their own motto, reflecting their heroic characteristics.

Bye Bye Butterfree

Ash: Prepare for trouble!
Misty: And you can make that triple!
Brock: To protect the world from devastation!
Ash and Misty: To unite all peoples within our nation!
Jessie (deadpan): This was just...
James (deadpan): Too good...
Meowth (deadpan): To last.
Ash: You got that right.
Pikachu: Pika!
Misty: We're defending the beauty of truth and love!
Brock: Let's do it!
Meowth (interrupting them): We gotta stop that!

Ditto's Mysterious Mansion

So far, this is the only episode of the series to show Ash and his friends actually completely doing the whole original motto.

Ash: Prepare for trouble!
Brock: And make it Double, Double!
James (angrily): Uhh, quit imitating us!
Misty: To protect the world from devastation!
Duplica: To ignite all people within our nation!
Jessie (angrily): Err! This is insulting!
Ash: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
Misty: To extend our reach to the stars above!
Ash: Ash!
Misty: Misty!
Brock: And Brock!
Duplica: Duplica, that's right!
Brock: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Duplica: Surrender now, or prepare to fight all of us!
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!

Schpielbunk's motto

In the episode Lights, Camera, Quacktion! the director Cleavon Schpielbunk introduces himself with a motto which is very similar to that of Team Rocket.

Prepare for trouble! No stunt double!
To protect the movies from devastation!
To restore spectacle and imagination!
To make great epics of hate and love!
To direct the best films you ever heard of!
Cleavon Schpielbunk, winner of the Golden Growlithe for best director at the Flea Collar Film Festival!
Lights! Camera!
Hit your mark when I call "Action!" or prepare to fight!
That's right!

The Chikorita Rescue

In this episode Ash Ketchum breaks into a Team Rocket hideout to save a Chikorita, captured by Jessie and James. He recites a motto and Team Rocket instinctively says their phrases.

Ash: Team Rocket, prepare for trouble! On second thought, make that double!
Jessie (surprised): To protect the world from devastation?
James (surprised): To unite all peoples within our nation?
Ash: Maybe you think I'm a little too brash. But the master is here and my name is Ash!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: My Pokémon team is faster than light! Surrender now, or you're in for a fight!
Meowth: Meowth! That's right!

Mass Hip-Po-Sis

Dawn (really angry): Get ready for trouble!
Pikachu (really angry): Pika!
Brock (really angry): Make it double!
James (shocked): Hey, no fair!

The Keystone Pops!

Ash: Listen, is that bad guy talk I hear?
Dawn: It speaks to me loud and clear!
Ash: On the wind!
Dawn: Past the stars!
Brock: In your ear!
Jessie (interrupting them): It's that kind of imitation they invented lawsuits for!
Dawn: Chill out! We couldn't care less about you!
Ash: We're looking for Spiritomb!

Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!

Bonnie: Prepare for trouble, I'd say you bad people have finally met your match!
Serena: And make it a double-crook catch! To protect the world from — !
Jessie (interrupting them): Twerp thieves!
James: Copyright infringment! Get away from him!
Serena: You let us go now, or you're gonna wish you had!

The Cave of Mirrors!

Jessie: What's with this place?!
Mirror Jessie: "What's with this place?" is compassion and right!
Mirror James: And goodness and caring with mercy and light!
Mirror Meowth: Heroes of Justice, that's right!
Mirror Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
Team Rocket: Oh, no!
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
Mirror Jessie and James: Team Rocket, good night!

Blasting off

Team Rocket's blasting off again!

When defeated, and sent flying off due to a Pokémon's attack (usually Pikachu's Thunderbolt) or a malfunction in their mechas, Jessie, James, and Meowth usually cry, 「やな感じ!」 ("What a bad feeling!") in the original, which became "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!", "Team Rocket's blasting off again!", or simply "We're blasting off again!"* before disappearing into the distance with a twinkle. The first time they blasted off was in their debut episode, and the first time the twinkle was seen was during their following blast off, in Clefairy and the Moon Stone. In some episodes, they said their catchphrase while finishing each other's sentences or when it's told by one character or two.

Blasting off usually happens only one time per episode, but there have been many occasions in which it has happened multiple times, especially in Malice In Wonderland!, in which they are shown blasting off four times on screen, and heard to blast off many more times offscreen. Another occurrence when they blasted off more than once was in Noodles! Roamin' Off!, but this could be because the episode focused on Team Rocket. In A Faux Oak Finish!, James blasted off by himself. Butch and Cassidy have also "blasted off"; however, James noted once that he, Jessie, and Meowth had copyrighted it in Off The Unbeaten Path.

After Memories are Made of Bliss!, Team Rocket initially didn't blast off during the Best Wishes series. From Scare at the Litwick Mansion! onwards, they usually used jetpacks in order to escape. For this reason, those blastoffs weren't against their will nor involved pain, so they did not scream their famous quote. Also, there was no twinkle visible when the jetpacks were used, except for Scare at the Litwick Mansion! and Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!. Starting from New Places... Familiar Faces!, Team Rocket has blasted off like before, although they didn't say the catchphrase until Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!. They still used their jetpacks in some episodes.

Sometimes, when Team Rocket blasts off, they shout something other than "We're blasting off again!", such as in Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit! when instead they shouted "We're blasting off family style!", or A Battle by Any Other Name!, where they shouted "There's nothing sweet about blasting off! AND WE'RE DOING IT AGAIN!!!". There are also occasions where they do not blast off per se, but they disappear with the trademark twinkle by other means such as running away. In some very rare instances, they blast off without a twinkle, as seen in their debut, The Island of Illusions! where they fell into the sea instead, Tracey Gets Bugged, where they get their hair and fur cut short by a Scyther, or To Find a Fairy Flower!, where they were relaxed by a Flabébé's Aromatherapy.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, the "Rocket" in Team Rocket is apparently their motto, which is an acronym for:

Knock out

When translated from Japanese, this motto means 'Attack cities one after another!! Devastate them!! We are the fangs of evil!!'.


What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

This is a commonly quoted phrase meaning that the names of things do not matter, only what the thing is. This quote is also the origin of the title for A Battle by Any Other Name!.
  • In the Unova motto, Jessie likens herself to Reshiram with the words "white" and "fiery", while James likens himself to Zekrom with "black" and "thunderous".
  • The first two lines of the motto were mentioned and said by the Fortune Teller as a warning in an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, a show that was also dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment (and also based on a Nintendo franchise). The episode the Fortune Teller appeared in was "The Fofa Factor".
  • In the Finnish dub, the original motto was different than usual in Team Rocket's first two appearances (Pokémon Emergency! and Ash Catches a Pokémon), where it was translated directly from English without rhyming. The rhyming motto was used for the first time in Challenge of the Samurai.
  • In the European Portuguese dub, the expression "Preparar para azar!", the Portuguese equivalent to "Prepare for trouble!" (which literally translated is "Prepare for bad luck!") is still used in recent episodes as a Team Rocket's catchphrase, even during some mottos.
  • Toward the end of the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trainer Video, the original motto is recited by various kids. It omits "Prepare for trouble; Make it double," and Meowth's name, and the kids make various mistakes before correcting themselves.