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Talk:Variety Channel

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Schedule table?

I think it would be best if the schedule is reorganized into a table. I totally did realize as I was typing the article up (before I started, even) that the mass of numbers would be mind-numbing, but I'm... not comfortable enough with templates and wikicode yet to attempt something like that... especially since I'm sick and not functioning as well as I could, haha. Would someone be willing to make a table for it? (There's a great color-coded table in the official guidebook, which is what I referenced in the first place. :P) 梅子 22:23, 13 October 2009 (UTC)

Buena's Password Items

I have made some alterations to the "Buena's Password" section, but if somebody is willing to fill in the tables for item costs/requirements for Generations II and IV, I'd be very grateful...