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Talk:Politoed (Pokémon)

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Theres an error on the Politoed picture(anime shot). The top half of its belly is green instead of cream. I was wondering what ep. that was so I can put it in. Mooites 02:23, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

Tree Frog?

It is likely based on a tree frog? Are you kidding me? It's obviously based on either a toad or just some sort of not-tree frog. It's a water frog pokemon, if it was based on a tree frog it'd probably be grass. Even it's japanese name doesn't have anything to do with tree frogs. How is it in any way based on a tree frog? evidence please? [[Derian]]

Choice of words in the name trivia.

Isn't "wordplay" more accurate than the current "misspelling"? "Misspelling" seems to imply that the spelling of Politoed is accidental. - unsigned comment from PLA (talkcontribs)

Pokemon Crystal

In Pokémon Crystal, just outside the Celadon Pokémon Center there is a male person who wonders if his Poliwrath will ever evolve into a frog Pokémon; "This POLIWRATH is my partner. I wonder if it'll ever evolve into a frog POKéMON." Is this trivia-worthy? MasterZeroFlash (talk) 15:06, 13 March 2015 (UTC)