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Talk:Pokémon base stats data structure in Generation III

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I noticed that the Color byte sometimes contains an extra bit of data...

Just wondered if anyone knew anything more about them?

Pokemon which feature it (National/GBA Index numbers)

60 (Polywag)

99 (Kingler)

125 (Electabuzz)

159 (Croconaw)

174 (Igglybuff)

186 (Politoed)

201 (Unown)

215 (Sneasel)

216 (Teddiursa)

239 (Elekid)

by GBA-game index numbers:

308 (Spinda)

363 (Roselia)

376 (Absol)

379 (Seviper)

380 (Zangoose)

410 (Deoxsys)

Also, I have made HexWorkshop bookmark and structures allowing to view the data if anyone cares.


Two points here:

  1. I haven't found out why the color byte contains extra info. The article says something about a MSB bit. What is an MSB bit?
  • The MSB is the most significant bit - the bit with the highest place value. For example, in the byte "10011101", which represents the number 157, the most significant bit is the leftmost 1. Ztobor 01:41, 13 February 2010 (UTC)
  1. The information in this article was extremely useful (except for the ROM offsets). Thanks you so much. Using it, I was able to extract all the base stats info directly from Pokémon Leaf Green (English). (It was out of order at the end in the game storage - this must have something to do with extra evolutions not working until Pokédex upgrade. What a bugger.)

Twigpi 18:28, 26 October 2007 (UTC)


I'm looking inside a Pokémon Emerald ROM right now, and where the Pokémon's base stats, etc. are, there are a bunch of placeholders between the Ndex and Hdex Pokémon with the following information:

Base stats:

HP, Defense, Special Defense are all 50
Attack, Speed, and Special attack are all 150
Pure Normal type (0, 0)
Catch rate: 3
Exp. yield: 1 (So a Level 7 Placeholder would give only 1 experience point)
Effort yield: 2 in each of Special Defense, Special Attack, Attack, and HP, 0 in the others
No items held
Genderless, 120 egg cycles, Base Happiness of 0, 1,000,000 EXP. at Level 100
Dragon egg-group type (unless "0f" actually means "no egg group" and the 03. entry in the egg groups was skipped unintentionally)
No abilities
No Safari Zone presence
Colour 4

Mind telling me a bit about what this is? Ztobor 01:41, 13 February 2010 (UTC)