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Talk:Hexagon Brothers

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Team's are updated before the final boss.

I'm playing right now, doing some leveling/money making before I go further and the Hexagon brothers all have level 50s. I'm right after the Snattle rematch and none of the other trainers are at the "post-game" stats yet. So the bit on the article can't be right. - unsigned comment from Deuxhero (talkcontribs)

They all have level 50's after Greevil too, so I don't think that changes. Gliscorguy54 01:16, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

Disguised as Justy

The Hexagon Brothers correctly count themselves when they come out of Pre Gym disguised as Justy. --Joeyjumper94 02:09, 1 January 2011 (UTC)

Resix's Lv.50 Team

When Resix gains his Lv.50 team, I've noticed that the Camerupt gains Sleep Talk, even though it's not listed on the page. I can prove this, by using Yawn on the Camerupt (or any sleep-inducing move, I guess), then waiting until it falls asleep. Unless the AI's being wacky, Camerupt should use Sleep Talk. - unsigned comment from PokeMaster99999 (talkcontribs)