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Talk:Contest move data structure in Generation III

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The ??? section

This section has information on how it is used in combinations. The first of the 4 bytes tells if it's the start of a combination or not, and if so, what combination. The next groups of bytes tells which combinations it is the second part in. For example, Pound is the first move in a combination with Double Slap, Faint Attack, and Slam as the secondary moves, and it is combo "3c", but is not part of any combo. "3c" is listed as one of the secondary-combo moves for Double-slap in the fingerprint, as well, and it is the only combo with Double-slap. Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, and Ice Punch are combo-starters 2c, 2d, and 2e, respectively, and each is listed as a secondary combo for the other two (Fire Punch is also a secondary combo for Sunny Day, which would be 09 in this list).--JoeMoron2000 05:02, 26 January 2010 (UTC)