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In the dub, the Rocket Trio speak as though they're falling into their own traps. (~7:06 Jessie: "Nothing's more embarrassing than getting trapped in your own trap!"; ~9:50 Meowth: "Maybe we all have some self-hatred issues!" (what kind of line is that?); 11:38 James: "Memory fails as to what kind of dud it was...Now I remember: It was a pit trap.") In the original version, was the Rocket Trio really falling into their OWN traps, or were they actually falling into traps that would be created by a Battle Frontier associate in the aim of keeping people away from the outdoor battlefield? I suggest that among the numerous differences in the season 9 era of the show is that whoever was on the team (was it Disney? Can't seem to find any CONCRETE STATEMENT of what the heck happened between season 8 and season 9, when it's obvious enough from the fact the voice acting changed to a bunch of YouTubers putting in their own voicing and doing a terrible job of sounding like the originals) didn't even have a Japanese-to-English translator on staff. Until we see the person's name for this credit, anything the characters say is qualified dubious. - unsigned comment from PharosAM (talkcontribs)