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Sky Trainer (Trainer class)

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Sky Trainer
スカイトレーナー Sky Trainer
XY Sky Trainer M.pngXY Sky Trainer F.png
Art from X and Y
Other names
Introduced in Generation VI
Appears in X and Y
Gender Both
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Notable members Moria, Y (Adventures)
Anime debut Battles in the Sky!
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A Sky Trainer (Japanese: スカイトレーナー Sky Trainer) is a type of Pokémon Trainer introduced in Generation VI. The class consists of Trainers who specialize in Sky Battles. They can be found on top of cliffs or other distant locations.


VSSky Trainer M.pngVSSky Trainer F.png
VS sprites from
X and Y

Trainer list

Pokémon X and Y

In the anime

Moria, a female Sky Trainer in the anime

A female Sky Trainer named Moria appeared in Battles in the Sky!, commanding a Talonflame. At the beginning of the episode, she was seen defeating a male Sky Trainer using a Skarmory. Later she also battled Ash twice. In the first battle, her Talonflame took a rather easy victory over Ash's Hawlucha, while in the second battle, Ash's Fletchling evolved into a Fletchinder and learned Flame Charge in the middle of the match, resulting in Ash's victory.

A couple of other, unnamed Sky Trainers also appeared in the Sky Battle Center where Ash and his friends practiced the basics of Sky Battles.

In the anime, it is shown that Sky Trainers use their flying suits to fly alongside their Pokémon during Sky Battles.


Here is a listing of the various Sky Trainer's Pokémon:

Moria's Talonflame
Talonflame is Moria's only known Pokémon. It first appeared battling a Skarmory and easily managed to win. It later rejected its Trainer's proposal to battle Ash's Fletchling, not seeing a worthy opponent in it, and instead battled Ash's Hawlucha. During the battle Talonflame was able to defeat Hawlucha with Steel Wing. After the battle, it was caught in a net by Team Rocket. It was later freed from the net by Ash's Fletchling and then sent Team Rocket blasting off with Fire Blast. After this, Talonflame thanked Fletchling for freeing it and now realized it would be a better opponent than it originally suspected. It accepted Fletchling's request to battle, also causing Moria to accept. Fletchling initially did well against Talonflame, using its nimbleness and its observations from Talonflames battle with Hawlucha, but it was later overwhelmed, but Fletchling's evolution into Fletchinder caused it to learn Flame Charge, which it immediately used on Talonflame. Talonflame was completely outsped and was ultimately defeated by a final Flame Charge.

Talonflame's known moves are Steel Wing, Fire Blast, Peck, and Brave Bird.

Debut Battles in the Sky!
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō
Sky Trainer's Skarmory
An unnamed Sky Trainer used Skarmory to battle Moria's Talonflame but lost.

Skarmory's only known move is Fury Attack.

Debut Battles in the Sky!
Sky Trainer's Staravia
An unnamed Sky Trainer residing at the Sky Battle Center was shown with a Staravia.

None of Staravia's moves are known.

Debut Battles in the Sky!
Sky Trainer's Zubat
An unnamed Sky Trainer residing at the Sky Battle Center was shown with a Zubat.

None of Zubat's moves are known.

Debut Battles in the Sky!

In the manga

Y as a Sky Trainer in the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Y, who was introduced in the X & Y chapter, is training to become a Sky Trainer. It is later revealed that there was a Sky Trainer school in Vaniville Town, where Y studied at along with her senior, Yvette, who had collected all the Vivillon patterns.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 空中訓練家 Kōngzhōng Xùnliànjiā
Finland Flag.png Finnish Ilmakouluttaja
France Flag.png French Dresseur Aérien
Germany Flag.png German Himmelstrainer
Italy Flag.png Italian Aeroallenatore ()
Aeroallenatrice ()
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스카이 트레이너 Sky Trainer
Poland Flag.png Polish Podniebny trener
Spain Flag.png Spanish Entrenador Aéreo ()
Entrenadora Aérea ()

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