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Sky Peak Summit Pass

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Sky Peak Mountain Path.

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Sky Peak Summit Pass
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Sky Peak Summit Pass ちょうじょうまでのみちのり
Sky Peak Summit Pass.png
Basic info
Floors: 6
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Main type: Normal Fighting*
Boss: 3 Muk, 5 Grimer
Recruiting: No
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4*

Sky Peak Summit Pass (Japanese:ちょうじょうまでのみちのり) is the last Mountain Pass that leads from Shaymin Village to Sky Peak Summit in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. During the player's first visit, a Shaymin comes with them. After the first visit, this will unlock the Sky Jukebox.

There are hidden stairs to secret rooms with treasure in them. The Secret Bazaar and Monster Houses may appear on floors 2-5. There is a chance of fog throughout the area.

When reaching the sky peak submit for the first time, the place will be covered with filth. To clear it the player need to defeat 3 Muk and 5 Grimer. Then Shaymin accompanying the player will absorb the filth and clean the place. Team Frontier, a team including a Machoke, Mawile, and a Breloom, will help fight the Muk and Grimer during the first visit.

Pokémon encountered

Sky Peak Summit Pass

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
022 Fearow B1F-B5F 42 -4.5%
057 Primeape B1F-B5F 42 -4%
105 Marowak B1F-B5F 43 -4.5%
107 Hitmonchan B1F-B5F 42 -12%
162 Furret B1F-B5F 43 -4.5%
217 Ursaring B1F-B5F 42 -12%
292 Shedinja B1F-B5F 45 -12%

Sky Peak Summit

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
088 Grimer Summit  ? Unrecruitable Boss
089 Muk Summit  ? Unrecruitable Boss


Item Floors
Poké currency.png 2-212 Poké  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Power Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Zinc Band  ??F
MDBag Cheri Berry Sprite.png Cheri Berry  ??F
MDBag Oran Berry Sprite.png Oran Berry  ??F
MDBag Pecha Berry Sprite.png Pecha Berry  ??F
MDBag Chesto Berry Sprite.png Chesto Berry  ??F
MDBag Apple Sprite.png Apple  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Blast Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Dough Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Eyedrop Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Heal Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Totter Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Violent Seed  ??F
MDBag Health drink Sprite.png Max Elixir  ??F
MDBag Iron Thorn Sprite.png Iron Thorn (4)  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png All-Hit Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Luminous Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Petrify Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Radar Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Rollcall Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Scanner Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Trapbust Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Warp Orb  ??F

Traps encountered

Image Trap
ChestnutTrap.png Chestnut Trap
SelfdestructTrap.png Selfdestruct Trap
WarpTrap.png Warp Trap
SlowTrap.png Slow Trap
SpinTrap.png Spin Trap
PokémonTrap.png Pokémon Trap
SlumberTrap.png Slumber Trap
SummonTrap.png Summon Trap
GustTrap.png Gust Trap
PoisonTrap.png Poison Trap
TripTrap.png Trip Trap

In other languages

Sky Peak Summit Pass

Language Title
France Flag.png French Sommet du Pic Céleste - col
Germany Flag.png German Himmelsgipfelspitzenpass
Italy Flag.png Italian Passo del Cielo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Paso Cumbre del Cielo

Sky Peak Summit

Language Title
France Flag.png French Sommet du Pic Céleste
Germany Flag.png German Himmelsgipfelspitze
Italy Flag.png Italian Sommità del Cielo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cumbre del Cielo

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