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Sky Peak Station Passes

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Sky Peak Station Passes
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Sky Peak Station Passes '
Sky Peak Station Pass 1.png
Basic info
Floors: 3-5 for each Station Pass
Rest stops: 8
Traps: Yes
Main type: Unknown
Boss: Carnivine ×5
After 5th pass, first time
Recruiting: Yes
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

The Sky Peak Station Passes are ten very similar mystery dungeons only accessible in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. Each of the dungeons have between three and five floors each. In the first playthrough of these dungeons, the player will be paired up with a Shaymin, though Shaymin will not be present during subsequent playthroughs. This summit paths lead to the top of Sky Peak, the mountain above Shaymin Village. A player can only go through this series of dungeons after defeating Primal Dialga and graduating from Wigglytuff's Guild.

Items known as Sky Gifts may appear on random floors in these dungeons. If the player opens these on their own, they will be empty, but if he/she gives it to a friend, they will open it up and a gift will appear inside. One is able to give a Sky Gift give to all the guild members or the player's partner by speaking to a Shaymin in Shaymin Village, or to their friends in real life with an item trade.

The Pokémon in these dungeons begin with Pokémon generally found in Mystifying Forest in the first dungeons, and gradually phasing them out for Pokémon generally found on Mt. Travail. Players can find Hidden Stairs leading to a floor with boxes.


At the end of each dungeon, the player will reach a clearing. Each clearing has a Kangaskhan Rock with the ability both to save the game with the exception of the 5th Station Clearing. The even numbered clearings have a method of transport called Drifblim's Gondola, in which a Drifblim will be able to transport the player instantly between that clearing, any previous even numbered clearing, and the base camp at Shaymin Village. The only exception to this is the 8th Clearing, which is where an Ampharos lives. On the 9th Station Clearing a Delibird may or may not appear, giving the player a Sky Gift.

Pokémon encountered

1st Station Pass

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
002 Ivysaur B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
011 Metapod B1F-B3  ?  ?%
020 Raticate B1F-B3F 42  ?%
070 Weepinbell B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
153 Bayleef B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
315 Roselia B1F-B3F 40  ?%
330 Flygon B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
389 Torterra B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
435 Skuntank B1F-B3F  ?  ?%

2nd Station Pass

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
002 Ivysaur B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
011 Metapod B1F-B3  ?  ?%
020 Raticate B1F-B3F 42  ?%
070 Weepinbell B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
153 Bayleef B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
315 Roselia B1F-B3F 40  ?%
330 Flygon B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
389 Torterra B1F-B3F  ?  ?%
435 Skuntank B1F-B3F  ?  ?%


  • Interestingly, if Giratina enters this dungeon, it will not be in Altered Forme but will be instead in it's Origin Forme. This trait is shared with Destiny Tower.
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