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Skill Treasury

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Skill Treasury
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Skill Treasury スキル・トレジャー
Skill Treasure
Skill Treasury PMDGTI.png
Basic info
Floors: 15
Rest stops: No
Traps: No
Main type: Varies
Boss: None
Recruiting: Yes
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Skill Treasury (Japanese: スキル・トレジャー Skill Treasure) is a DLC dungeon that a player goes through in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Skill Treasury is only available by via download. This dungeon has no boss. There are more Treasure Boxes in this dungeon than the player would normally find in a dungeon. Items used for evolution can also be found here.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
505 Watchog 10-15  ?  ?%
511 Pansage 8-15  ?  ?%
513 Pansear 8-15  ?  ?%
515 Panpour 8-15  ?  ?%
524 Roggenrola 1-15  ?  ?%
543 Venipede 1-15 16  ?%
557 Dwebble 1-15  ?  ?%
568 Trubbish 1-15  ?  ?%
599 Klink 1-15 4  ?%
607 Litwick 1-15  ?  ?%
633 Deino 1-15  ?  ?%


Item Floors
Poké currency.png 1-2 Poké B1-B15F


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