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SOL Satellite

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The SOL Satellite is the satellite used to send rescued Pokémon from the Trozei Beamer to the SOL Base in Pokémon Trozei!. It also scans the region and finds new Secret Storage locations, Huge Storage locations, and Phobos Mobiles.

Pokémon Trozei!

When the Trozei Beamer scans and lines up four or more Poké Balls containing the same kind of Pokémon, they will emit enough of a signal to be locked on and transferred to the SOL Satellite, which then relays the Pokémon to the SOL Base, automatically rescuing them from harm.

Another function of the SOL Satellite is to locate new Secret Storage locations, Huge Storage locations and Phobos Mobiles. The SOL Satellite shows a blue beam of light when it locates a new Secret Storage, a purple beam of light when it locates a new Huge Storage and a red beam of light when it locates a new Phobos Mobile.

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