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Rumba of Love

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The Rumba of Love is a song featured in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It is first heard as the background music on the Battle Mode screen.

Later, it is the alternate music played in the Mayor's house once the player obtains the Music Disc and puts it in the boom box. It can be turned on or off if the player approaches the boom box. Initially it must be used to distract the Mayor's secretary to gain access to the upper floor of the house. After this, the message "It's a music software player. "Rumba of Love" is loaded. But this is no time for rumba!" will appear whenever the player checks the boom box until Snattle is defeated. After this point, it can be played at any time. If the player walks to the second floor of the house while it is playing, it will be heard at a lower volume.