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Pseudo-legendary Pokémon

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Get it? Because the name is unknown. The subject of this article has no official name.
The name currently in use is a fan designator; see below for more information.

Pseudo-legendary Pokémon (Japanese: 擬似伝説 pseudo-legendary) is a fan term commonly used to refer to any Pokémon that has a three-stage evolution line, 1,250,000 experience at level 100, and a base stat total of exactly 600. The term originates from the prefix pseudo-, which means "false". Pseudo-legendary Pokémon are often more powerful than many other non-Legendary Pokémon due to their high base stats.

Other variations of the definition omit the need to have 1,250,000 experience at level 100.

List of pseudo-legendary Pokémon

There are seven Pokémon considered to be pseudo-legendary Pokémon. The following shows the pseudo-legendary Pokémon by the generation of their introduction, as well as their types, and the Pokémon they evolve from.

Dragon Flying
Dragonair Dragonair
Dratini Dratini
Rock Dark
Pupitar Pupitar
Rock Ground
Larvitar Larvitar
Rock Ground
Dragon Flying Steel Psychic
Shelgon Shelgon Metang Metang
Dragon Steel Psychic
Bagon Bagon Beldum Beldum
Dragon Steel Psychic
Dragon Ground
Gabite Gabite
Dragon Ground
Gible Gible
Dragon Ground
Dark Dragon
Zweilous Zweilous
Dark Dragon
Deino Deino
Dark Dragon
Sliggoo Sliggoo
Goomy Goomy

In the games

Statistical averages

HP: 94.33
Attack: 128.83
Defense: 100
Sp.Atk: 100.83
Sp.Def: 90.83
Speed: 85.17
Total: 0

Individual characteristics


Being the first pseudo-legendary, Dragonite has straightforward and well-rounded stats. It has a traditionally high Attack and above average stats otherwise.

  • Tallest non-Mega-Evolved pseudo-legendary Pokémon, at 7'03" (2.2 m).


With a focus on power and durability, Tyranitar sacrifices Speed to have tremendous bulk and skill. It has the Sand Stream Ability to always conjure up a Sandstorm, which takes advantage of its Rock typing to further increase its high Special Defense.

  • Mega Tyranitar is the tallest pseudo-legendary Pokémon, at 8'02" (2.5 m).
  • Mega Tyranitar has the highest base Defense, with 150.
  • Lowest base Speed (when not Mega Evolved), with 61.
  • When a sandstorm is raging, Mega Tyranitar's Special Defense becomes the highest of all pseudo-legendary Pokémon.
  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that is not the main Pokémon of a major boss at the end of the game it was introduced in. However, Tyranitar was used by Blue in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions, but only in his rematch.


Due to having the same typing as Dragonite, Salamence differs itself by being entirely focused on attacking prowess. Its stats are high in Attack, Special Attack, and Speed, while comparatively low in both Defense stats.

  • Shortest pseudo-legendary Pokémon, at 4'11" (1.5 m).
  • Lowest base Special Defense, with 80.


Metagross has a large number of characteristics which are different from the other pseudo-legendary Pokémon. This is possibly due to how it does not appear to be based on an animal; rather, it is a robotic life form. In fact, it is the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that cannot learn any Dragon-type moves.

Stats wise, like Tyranitar, Metagross focuses on power and durability, utilizing the most defensive type, Steel, to complement its very high attack, high defenses, and relatively low speed.

  • Only genderless pseudo-legendary Pokémon.
  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon whose first stage of evolution, Beldum, cannot be caught in the wild in its debut generation (one is received from Steven Stone instead).
  • Heaviest pseudo-legendary Pokémon, at 1212.5 lbs. (550.0 kg).
  • Highest base Defense, at 130.
  • Lowest base HP, with 80.
  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that doesn't share at least one type with another pseudo-legendary Pokémon.
  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon to not have a weaknesses to Fairy-type moves.
  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon whose English name is the same as its Japanese name.
  • Metagross and its pre-evolutions have a catch rate of 3 whereas all the other pseudo-legendary Pokémon families have a catch rate of 45.


Focusing on versatility, Garchomp has high speed, high HP, and high attack with a versatile selection of moves to use. It complements these attributes with its Ground typing, which is among the best offensive types in the game.

  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon to have gender differences.
  • Has the fewest resistances.
  • Lightest pseudo-legendary Pokémon, at 209.4 lbs. (95.0 kg).
  • Highest base HP, with 108.
  • Mega Garchomp has the highest base Attack, with 170.
  • Highest base Speed (when not Mega Evolved), with 102.
  • Lowest base Special Attack (when not Mega Evolved), with 80.
  • Garchomp and its evolutionary relatives are the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon line that do not have a base happiness of 35.


Hydreigon's stats give it a number of unique characteristics from the other pseudo-legendary Pokémon. It has the highest base Special Attack of all the pseudo-legendary Pokémon. Similarly, it is the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that does not have a base stat over 125, but it is also the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that does not have a base stat under 90.

Its well rounded stats mirror Dragonite with Hydreigon also having a high attacking stat (Special Attack in this case), and above average stats in other categories.

  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon with multiple elemental immunities (however its immunity to Ground is due to its Ability, Levitate).
  • Has the highest base Special Attack, with 125.
  • Hydreigon and its evolutionary relatives are the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon line that do not have a Hidden Ability in any of their forms.


Unlike the other pseudo-legendary Pokémon, Goodra is mainly defensive, and its Attack and Special Attack are very similar. It has the lowest base Attack of all the pseudo-legendary Pokémon.

  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon with a single type.
  • Only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that does not always have a type immunity.
  • Highest base Special Defense, with 150.
  • Lowest base Defense, with 70.


  • Tyranitar and Metagross are the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that are not Dragon-type.
  • Tyranitar and Hydreigon are the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that have a unique type combination.
  • Salamence and Metagross have the highest base Attack of all non-Mega-Evolved pseudo-legendary Pokémon, with 135.


These Pokémon are often used in-game by the members of the Elite Four and Champions.

As Shadow Pokémon

In story mode of Pokémon Colosseum, Shadow Metagross is used by Nascour and Shadow Tyranitar is used by Evice; it is notable that the two Cipher leaders have positions comparable to those of the final Elite Four member and Champion, respectively. Pokémon XD complemented the list of pseudo-legendary Pokémon as of Generation III by featuring Shadow Salamence (used by Eldes) and Shadow Dragonite (used by Miror B.). Another commonality is that all four pseudo-legendary Pokémon have Shadow Rush as one of their Shadow moves.

In the anime

Cynthia's Garchomp in the anime

All pseudo-legendary Pokémon (except the newly introduced Goodra) have appeared in the anime.


  • Generation III is the only generation so far to have introduced more than one pseudo-legendary Pokémon.
  • All pseudo-legendary Pokémon that existed at the time were available as Shadow Pokémon in either Pokémon Colosseum (Tyranitar and Metagross) or Pokémon XD (Dragonite and Salamence).
  • Among Pokémon commonly mistaken for pseudo-legendary Pokémon are Slaking, Flygon, Aggron, Volcarona, and Haxorus. For one reason or another, these Pokémon do not fit the criteria of those above and so are not pseudo-legendary Pokémon.
  • The first stage of all pseudo-legendary Pokémon (that existed at the time) are available in the Johto Safari Zone.

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