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Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

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Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
Logo of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
Basic info
Platform: PC and Mac
Category: Strategy
Players: 1-2, with unlimited in chat
Connectivity: Internet
Developer: Electrified Games, Sleepy Giant Entertainment, Plexipixel, Inversoft
Publisher: The Pokémon Company International
Part of:
Release dates
Japan: N/A
North America: March 24, 2011 (TC beta)
Australia: March 24, 2011 (TC beta)
Europe: March 24, 2011 (TC beta)
South Korea: N/A
Japanese: N/A
English: Game site
Pokémon TCGO site icon

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is a downloadable game and the first Pokémon game of the MMOTCG (massively-multiplayer online trading card game) genre as well. The game released March 24, 2011, currently in its beta phase, is based on the TCG aspect of the Pokémon franchise.


The player begins his or her adventure at Game Store where Zach and Ella welcome him or her. The player is given three starter decks—each representing one of each starter Pokémon type (Fire, Grass, and Water). The game revolves around three main Pokémon Leagues found in the Trainer Challenge option.

Play Modes

There are 4 different play modes available. These are Versus Mode, Trainer Challenge, Tournament Mode, and Quick Play. Tournament Mode is currently unavailable. Quick game is only selectable under the Single Player menu Item on the Landing page.

Quick Game

This is a single player mode similar to to the Practice Battle game type in Practice Battle but using a randomly selected Theme Deck that the player has unlocked. This mode is currently only accessible through the landing page.

Trainer Challenge

In the Trainer Challenge, players must face various computer-controlled trainer characters using only Theme Decks, including Online-Exclusive Decks (Basic Red, Basic Green, Basic Blue, etc.), those unlocked by redemption codes from code cards, and those purchased with Trainer Tokens or Gems from the Shop. Code cards are obtained through purchase of a physical Theme deck from the Black & White Series onwards.

Players may battle in three leagues: Gold League, Platinum League, and City Championship. Each of the leagues has the option of changing difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Changing the difficulty setting changes the composition of the opponent's deck. A player must defeat a league before unlocking the next starting with Gold League ending with City Championship.

Players must defeat a number of different trainers (7 with basic decks and 12 with redeemed decks) with the same deck to fully unlock all the cards in deck with certain cards replaced automatically with each Trainer beaten.

Players can obtain 1 Trainer Token for beating each of the 36 Trainers first reward stage, 3 Trainer Tokens at the second reward stage, and 10 Trainer Tokens at the third reward stage for each unlocked theme deck as well. Additionally, players can also obtain a non-tradable Booster packs from the current modified format by achieving 30,000 points on each Trainer as well as 3 more achieving 30,000 on every trainer in each league (45 Booster Packs in total). These Trainer Tokens and booster packs can only be obtained once per account.

Versus Mode

Players are allowed to choose one of three opponent types (Practice Battle, Player vs Player, or Friend Battle), one of three play types (Modified, Unlimited, or Theme) and a deck applicable to these.

Opponent types

  • Practice Battle - This mode allows players to practice using their chosen deck against a random computer-controlled trainer from the Trainer Challenge and does not count toward a player's ranking. In "Practice Battle" mode the player has four choices of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Hard, and Expert. Currently, only the Unlimited play type is available for this mode.
  • Player vs Player - This allows players to play against another randomly selected player. This mode has two levels of difficulty: Novice and Expert. Trainer Tokens can be earned in Expert Mode if the match lasts at least 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Trainer Tokens are given to both players regardless of the outcome of the match.
  • Friend Battle - This mode allows players to play against other players added to their Friends List. Trainer Tokens cannot be earned in this mode.

Play types

  • Modified - Only decks composed of entirely cards from sets officially sanctioned for Play! Pokémon events are allowed in this play type. The list of allowed sets is updated with a game patch as soon as the official rotation is announced. Expansions are added to the Modified format as they are released, and the oldest legal expansions are rotated out of the Modified format on an annual basis.

Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode is currently unavailable. It will be used for tournament games in a future update.

Other Features



The player can earn achievements for completing various tasks:

  • All Dressed Up. Customize your avatar
  • Evolver. Play a Stage 2 Evolution card
  • Studious. View all Tutorials
  • Technician. Play 3 Trainer - Item cards in one turn
  • Trader. Trade a card
Trainer Challenge
  • Blade of Grass. Win 8 games with the Basic Green deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Firestarter. Win 8 games with the Basic Red deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Breaking Wave. Win 8 games with the Basic Blue deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Daybreak. Win 12 games with the 'Daybreak' deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Nightfall. Win 12 games with the 'Nightfall' deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Green Tornado. Win 12 games with the Green Tornado deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Red Frenzy. Win 12 games with the Red Frenzy deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Blue Assault. Win 12 games with the Blue Assault deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Gold League Champ. Win all the games in the Gold League
  • Platinum League Champ. Win all the games in the Platinum League
  • Diamond League Champ. Win all the games in the Diamond League
  • City Champion. Win all the games in the City Championship
  • Triple Crown Champ. Win the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Leagues
  • All-Around Conditioning. Inflict all 5 special conditions on opposing Pokémon while playing the Daybreak PCD in the Trainer Challenge.
  • Baffling. Confuse 5 opposing Pokémon in the same game.
  • Incendiary. Burn 5 opposing Pokémon in the same game.
  • Stunning. Paralyze 5 opposing Pokémon in the same game.
  • Soporific. Put 5 opposing Pokémon to sleep in the same game.
  • Venomous. Poison 5 opposing Pokémon in the same game.
Knock Outs based on history
  • 50th Knockout. Knock Out 50 of your opponents' Pokémon
  • 500th Knockout. Knock Out 500 of your opponents' Pokémon
  • 1000th Knockout. Knock Out 1000 of your opponents' Pokémon
  • 5000th Knockout. Knock Out 5000 of your opponents' Pokémon
  • The Win of the Century. Win 100 games
  • Triple Threat. Complete wins with all 3 victory conditions
Knock Outs based on a single match
  • KO!. Knock Out a Pokémon
  • Too Easy. Knock out a previously uninjured Pokémon in a single attack
  • Two for One. Knock Out 2 Pokémon with one attack
  • Hat Trick. Knock Out 3 Pokémon with one attack
  • Quad Damage. Knock Out 4 Pokémon with one attack
  • Full House. Knock Out 5 Pokémon with one attack
  • Clean Sweep. Knock Out 6 Pokémon with one attack
  • Eyes on the Prize. Win by drawing the last prize card
  • Patient. Win by opponent running out of cards.
  • Merciless. Win a game by knocking out your Opponent's last Pokémon
  • Perfectionist. Win a game without your opponent getting a single Prize card
Damage dealt or healed in a single match
  • First Blood. Deal 50 damage
  • Super Effective. Deal 100 or more damage in a single attack
  • Overwhelming. Deal 200 or more damage in a single attack
  • Devastation. Deal 300 or more damage in a single attack
  • Healer. Heal 100 or more damage in a single game

Game Stats

The Game Stats page allows game statistics to be viewed. The following statistics are currently shown:

  • Total cards drawn
  • Total damage dealt
  • Total damage taken
  • Total games played
  • Game points
  • Total hours played

Collection Stats

  • Percent Complete - percentage of cards obtained out of all cards available in the game.
  • Different Cards Owned - number of different cards in a player's collection
  • Total Cards Owned - total number of cards in a player's collection
  • Set Nearest to Completion
  • Complete Sets - enumeration of sets of which all cards are in a player's collection
  • Most of 1 Card
  • Foils - number of holo and reverse-holo rare cards

Avatar Creator

Currently players can customize their avatars' gender, face, and body(clothes) with the Avatar Creator. Players can select from several skin and hair colors, hair styles, facial features, and clothes. Players can also unlock various avatar items by redeeming codes in the Shop or by trading with other players. This feature is still under development and more additions to avatar selection will be made available in future updates.


This shows cards, unopened booster packs and decks, and avatar and gameplay items in a player's collection as well as those the player has tagged for trade, wanted or for review.

Deck Manager

This allows the player to view, clone, edit or create decks using obtained cards and items. Decks can be created in either the Unlimited or Modified formats. Selecting a modified format deck filters out cards not sanctioned for official Pokémon Trading Card Game events. After selecting a set of 60 cards—a custom deckbox, coin, sleeve, and playmat can be selected. These gameplay items can be obtained by redemption codes from code cards or event codes.


Coins are items that can be used in-game when a move, status effect or ability requires a coin flip. The different coins have no special effects; their only difference is their appearance. Players start out with the Red Arceus coin. The Blue Energy coin is given to the player by completing certain in-game achievements. Additional coins are made available when a player redeems a purchased deck access code or event code.


This feature allows players to view and create public and private trade offers. Players can trade one or several items, cards, and packs in each transaction. Items, cards, and packs obtained from the Daily Login Bonus, the Trainer Challenge or with Trainer Tokens are not available for trade with other players to prevent players from accumulating these items from creating multiple accounts.


This feature allows players to redeem theme decks, booster packs, and gameplay & avatar items with either the Trainer Tokens or Gems as well as Purchase Gems with real currency. Redeeming codes is also done through this shop.

Currently, purchasing avatar and gameplay items is unavailable in the game.

Redeem codes

Redeem codes are unique codes which allow the player to unlock theme decks, booster packs and more. They can only be found on specially marked packs and decks. "Contains 1 code card" can be found on the back of booster packs which contain a redeem code card. For Theme Decks only decks that are clearly marked "Play This Deck Online" will contain codes. These unique redeem codes can only be used once however, there are generic redeem codes which can be used by all Pokémon TGCO users the following are confirmed codes which unlock decks, booster packs and avatar items.

Redeemable codes

  • PlasmaFreeze - Rallying Cry deck
  • PlasmaBlast - Rallying Cry deck
  • PlasmaStorm - Rallying Cry deck
  • BoundariesCrossed - Rallying Cry deck
  • DragonsExalted - Pokémon EX Hat (Avatar Item)
  • DarkExplorers - Pokémon EX Hat (Avatar Item)
  • NextDestinies - Pokémon EX Hat (Avatar Item)
  • Pokemontcg - Black Cap (Avatar Item)

Unavailable features

The following are features still unavailable worldwide, with the game in its open-beta stage:

  • Tournaments & Tournament Keys
  • Gems
  • Leaderboards
  • Gameplay & Avatar Items
  • Trade & Account History

Daily bonuses

Daily Login Bonus

This feature provides a bonus for playing the Pokémon TCG Online regularly. It consists of a track designed to help new players get started in the game, and a track that provides recurring bonuses for existing players. Each bonus unlocks first time that a player logs in each day based on GMT and does not require the player to log in on consecutive days to maintain progress on the track. Once a player completes the introductory New Player track they are migrated to the recurring Existing Player track. There is no limit to the number of times a player can complete the Existing Player track, as they are cycled back to the beginning of the track after receiving the bonus for the fifth day.

New Player

Existing Player

  • Day 1, 2, 4 - 15 Trainer Tokens
  • Day 3 - 1 Tournament Ticket
  • Day 5 - 1 non-tradable booster pack (randomly selected from Modified-legal expansions)

Daily Match Bonus

  • The first PvP match that a player completes each day awards 10 Trainer Tokens, in addition to any other rewards from that match. The match must last at least 4 minutes and 30 seconds for this bonus to be awarded.


There are four currencies available in the Pokémon TCG Online. These are Trainer Tokens, Gems, Booster Credits, and Tournament Keys. Only Tokens and Booster Credits are currently obtainable worldwide. Booster Credits are unobtainable as of July 2013.

Trainer Tokens

Trainer Tokens can be used to redeem non-tradable 5-card booster packs (95 Trainer Tokens) and Theme Decks (500 Trainer Tokens) both from Modified-legal expansions of the game, as well as, Avatar and Gameplay items in the future. They can be obtained through various means, including the daily bonuses, Trainer Challenge, and PvP matches in the Versus Mode.

Trainer Tokens can also be obtained by playing various browser-based games on Poké They can also be spent on various items for the player's Poké Trainer Avatars. This should not be confused with the Pokémon TCG Online Avatar.


Gems are currently only available to players in Canada for testing. Similar to Trainer Tokens, Gems can be used to redeem Booster Packs, theme decks, and Avatar and Gameplay items in the Pokemon TCG Online Shop or used as a currency for trading with other players. Gems can be obtained by purchasing them from the Shop or by trading with other players.

Booster Credits

Booster Credits are used to purchase booster packs in game. They could be obtained from redeeming codes on code cards, available in Black & White booster packs and onward. Originally, code cards found in packs from this era, were redeemed for Booster Credits. Booster Credits could be redeemed for packs from HeartGold & SoulSilver through Boundaries Crossed sets. This method ended with the release of Plasma Storm when codes from Plasma Storm packs were only redeemable for packs from that set. This method continued with Plasma Freeze until the Booster Credit system was ended in July 2013. From July 2013 to December 2013, players with Booster Credits redeemed before July 2013 can redeem these credits for any pack from Next Destinies to Boundaries Crossed sets. The players who still have Booster Credits at the end of 2013 will have any remaining credits automatically redeemed for Boundaries Crossed packs. The current system redeems codes directly for packs from the respective set and the Booster Credit system has been rendered nearly obsolete.

Tournament Keys

Tournament Keys are currently unobtainable. They will be used to gain access to certain tournaments by redeeming the amount of keys needed to enter. It is currently unknown how these keys will be acquired.

Theme decks

Main article: List of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online decks

Currently, new players can have five theme decks exclusive to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online available for multiplayer modes. These theme decks are composed of cards from various expansions of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Power Relay could be unlocked by entering a special redemption code (e.g. "plasmablast") in the in-game Shop. It can no longer be redeemed. It is playable both in the Trainer Challenge and in the Versus Mode if one has already redeemed it.

Four other basic theme decks—Basic Red, Basic Yellow, Basic Green and Basic Blue—were available to players prior to the 1.8.0 patch (April 18, 2013). These decks are composed of cards from the HeartGold & SoulSilver series. Players with accounts created prior to this patch can access both these basic theme decks as well as the Black & White series basic theme decks.

Theme Decks corresponding to those from physical decks in the Black & White series onwards can also be unlocked in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online by redeeming the deck-access codes included in the theme deck box. Alternatively, some of these theme decks can also be redeemed with Trainer Tokens or Gems in the in-game Shop. Initially, these decks are only partially unlocked. The full decklist is unlocked by beating eleven different NPC trainers in the Trainer Challenge in a similar manner as with the Basic theme decks.


  • Redeeming 'plasmablast', 'plasmastorm', 'plasmafreeze', and 'boundariescrossed' gives the player a non-tradable copy of the Rallying Cry deck. This can be done as many times as desired.

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