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Pokémon Millennium

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Pokémon Millennium
"Forever With You!"
Pokémon Millennium.png
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Language Italian
Status Active
Run 2001 - Present
Date opened December 19, 2001
Creator Quik Silver
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum Pokémon Millennium Community
Mascot Jirachi
Website Main page

Pokémon Millennium is an Italian Pokémon fan site run by Quik Silver.

The site opened to the public on November 19, 2001, initially under the name Pokémon 2002 and renamed Pokémon Millennium in the 3rd version.

At least three times, the web site was reviewed on an Italian magazine dedicated to Pokémon called Pokémon Mania. The same authors state, in the magazine, that they continue to follow the site with great interest.

In 2007, a local radio of Bari called Cartoon Jimmy, has allowed staff to participate in the program and speak of the web site on air.



  • Quik Silver - Founder of Pokémon Millennium (♂)
  • Kiyro (♂)
  • Manuel (♂)


  • Pokéscout (♂)
  • Mickey (♂)

Team Anime

  • Snorlax97 (♂)
  • Azuree (♂)
  • Antonella95 (♀)

Team Manga

  • Axslash (♂)
  • Yellow95 (♀)

Team Videogiochi e Console

  • Thearceus996 (♂)
  • MysticEspeon (♂)
  • Gimmy (♂)

Team Battling

  • Piké (♂)
  • Filomancio (♂)
  • Shera (♂)
  • Tarcio (♂)

Team Guide

  • Gold Sceptile (♂)
  • Quilava97 (♀)

Team TCG

  • Rexcirus (♂)
  • viper (♂)

Graphic Team

  • Genesio (♂)
  • Astro86 (♂)
  • Chris23 (♂)

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