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Hunter J
Pokémon Hunter J
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Silver
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Anime debut Mutiny in the Bounty!
English voice actor Sonny Dey
Japanese voice actor Takako Honda

J (Japanese: J), frequently referred to as Pokémon Hunter J, or Jay in some dubs, is a Pokémon hunter who, with the help from her henchmen, captures and steals Pokémon and sells them requested by her clients for a profit on the black market. She first appeared in Mutiny in the Bounty!.


J in her debut

Sometime before the beginning of the Diamond & Pearl series, J became a Pokémon hunter who went ahead and stole a Ninetales, Kirlia, Magby, Swampert, Teddiursa, and Relicanth, and sold them to her clients. She was rewarded a large amount of money. Since then, she was wanted by the Officer Jennys in Sinnoh.

J made her official debut in Mutiny in the Bounty! where she rode on her Salamence to Melodi's flower garden. She came by to steal Melodi's Gardevoir. Despite Gardevoir escaping with Teleport, J found it using her goggles and zapped it with her bracelet. J made her leave with Melodi's Gardevoir. Ash chased after her and demanded that she returned Gardevoir to Melodi. J went after Ash’s Pikachu instead since she thought Pikachu would worth a sizable amount of money. J had her Drapion battle Ash’s Pikachu in an attempt to see his moves. After Pikachu used Volt Tackle, J activated her bracelet, which turned Pikachu into stone.

After Team Rocket dealt with her henchmen, J encountered them next. Similar to her encounter with Ash, J binded the trio to a rock. She turned Meowth into stone for the same reason as Ash’s Pikachu. J was then seen by a waterwheel stealing an Absol. Before the other officers arrived as backup, Ash immediately confronted J where the Pokémon Hunter took on Officer Jenny’s Arcanine with Salamence and won. J immediately went to her airship with Ash, Jessie and James, who called a truce with each other to rescue their Pokémon. Following a brief confrontation with J, they managed to sneak into her airborne base and rescue their Pokémon and all the others she had stolen, before returning them to their rightful Trainers. Though several of her henchmen have been captured by Officer Jenny, J remained at large.

J's appearance in the anime

J reappeared in Ill-Will Hunting! where she was on a mission to steal a group of Shieldon. She was seen contacting her henchmen and client about the Shieldon. J eventually found the Shieldon with Ash, his friends, and Gary. Ash and Gary had a Double Battle with her while Dawn and Brock led the Shieldon to safety. One of the Shieldon fell and J zapped it with her bracelet. J attempted to give the petrified Shieldon to her client but Ash and Gary attacked the airbase which prevented her from doing so. Her client cut off the deal to obtain the Shieldon, since Officer Jenny was near. After telling Ash and his friends not to get in her way next time, she told her second-in-command to establish radio contact with their employer, in order to tell him that they would not be doing service with him again.

In Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 1), J was given the assignment to steal a special Riolu for her client. One of her henchmen informed J about their encounter with Kellyn, Ash, Dawn, and Brock. Later, J found the group by a lake. After Ash and Riolu separated from the group, J went to a forest. She burned the forest using her Salamence's Flamethrower.

J continued to do so in Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2). She was able to get the Riolu. Ash followed her to the airship. J became aware of Ash's arrival and had Drapion grab him. Despite escaping from Drapion's grasp, J ejected him from her ship. J met up with her client and gave him the special Riolu. She left after receiving payment from him but the Riolu was later rescued from the client, who was then arrested.

Sometime before Pillars of Friendship!, J was given a request from one of her clients to catch a Regigigas and traveled to the Snowpoint Temple. After Brandon heard the news about the situation in the Snowpoint Temple, J had her henchmen prevent the Battle Pyramid from getting closer. Even though he and the group were able to narrowly survive the henchmen's Pokémon, J already had her Salamence destroy the pillars guarding Regigigas. Despite Brandon and Maria warning J about not waking up Regigigas, she destroyed the last pillar which forced Regigigas's awakening. When Regigigas went on a rampage, J was able to leave the Snowpoint Temple. She watched as Brandon used his Pokémon to calm Regigigas and then binded the group with Ariados's String Shot. J went after the legendary golems during their rampage. She attempted to turn Regigigas to stone but Brandon and his Pokémon jumped in the way to prevent it from happening. Regigigas destroyed J's bracelet and withdrew from the area when her client decided to cancel the deal.

J's glasses shown outside the sinking ship

J appeared again in Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!, where she was hired by Team Galactic to catch Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.

In The Needs of the Three!, she attempted to carry out the task of capturing them. Gary attempted to stop her from doing so with his Umbreon and Electivire but Saturn's Toxicroak overpowered the two. J dropped a Galactic Bomb to reveal Azelf. With the help of Team Galactic's Golbat, J was able to catch Azelf. This caused Uxie and Mesprit to appear. Despite Uxie and Mesprit putting up a great fight and dodging attacks coming from Mars's Purugly and Jupiter's Skuntank, J zapped the two with her bracelet.

Although she did succeed in capturing the Lake guardians, her ship was hit by two Future Sight attacks used by Uxie and Mesprit directly before she captured them, which in her overconfidence she had forgotten. As a result, her ship crashed into Lake Valor and was sucked into a whirlpool while she and her crew members were on board. Once the ship was underwater, the protective glass broke and the ship was flooded with water, causing it to explode. It is currently unknown if J, her Pokémon, or any of her crew survived.

She appeared briefly in Memories are Made of Bliss! in Team Rocket's fantasy riding her Salamence.


J and Ash

J is ruthless, relentless, and cruel, willing to do anything to capture Pokémon for her clients, up to and including injuring innocent people or Pokémon. In her debut episode, she sacrificed some of her henchmen to Officer Jenny without hesitation or remorse, emphasizing her intensely independent, sociopathic, greedy and callous nature. She has no honor, decency or regard for any form of life - the only thing that matters to her is money. She is one of the very few characters (including the Iron-Masked Marauder and Grings Kodai) in the anime who is purely evil.

J is also highly pragmatic. She is reluctant to harm Pokémon that she is trying to capture - as they would be less valuable to her clients - and she will forgo direct combat in favor of sneak attacks and mass destruction if the opportunity presents itself. This contributes to her high threat level in the series. However, she also tends to underestimate her opponents when on the verge of victory, which often leads to her defeat and ultimately ensures her (seemingly) final downfall.

Out of all of the characters that encountered her, she has a dislike for Ash the most as evidenced when he kept on interfering with her job and the fact that most of the encounters had Ash nearly killed had it not been for the unlikely intervention of his friends and Pokémon, and other characters supporting the protagonists.


This listing is of J's known Pokémon:

J's Salamence
Main article: J's Salamence

Salamence is J's main Pokémon. It made its debut in Mutiny in the Bounty!, along with its Trainer. It mostly serves as J's mode of transportation while she is not in her airship. It is also frequently used in battle.

Debut Mutiny in the Bounty!
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi
J's Ariados
Ariados is used by J to trap enemies, thus enabling J to steal her victims' Pokémon without any interference.

Ariados's only known move is String Shot.

Debut Mutiny in the Bounty!
Voice actors
Japanese Takafumi Kawakami
English Takafumi Kawakami
J's Drapion
When Ash first faced J's Drapion, J wanted to watch Pikachu's attacks in action so she could steal it. While Ash, Jessie and James were infiltrating J's fortress to rescue Pikachu and Meowth, they were immediately spotted. Ash fought J's Drapion with his Aipom and Turtwig, but both Pokémon never stood a chance. Drapion didn't take damage from either Aipom or Turtwig's attacks, and struck the Pokémon with its Cross Poison.

In Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2), J used her Drapion again in order to harm Ash without warning. It wrapped its claws tightly around Ash's midsection and began to squeeze him. Ash responded to this by kicking it in the face, making it one of the only Pokémon Ash ever intentionally hurt.

Drapion's known moves are Poison Sting, Cross Poison, and Pin Missile.

Debut Mutiny in the Bounty!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka


"Cannon" Stone Case Goggles Henchmen's vehicle
J bracelet.png Regice stone.png J Case.png J glasses.png J car.png
Airship Inside airship Invisibility Laser Liquid adhesive
J ship outside.png J ship inside.png J ship invisible.png J ship laser.png J ship gum.png


  • J has what looks like some sort of cannon attached to her arm that is able to turn Pokémon and humans into stone. The effects are permanent unless Pokémon are placed in a special case or revived with Hidden Power. In Pillars of Friendship, it was destroyed when Regigigas reflected her Salamence's Dragon Pulse back at her. The device had been repaired or replaced by the time the events of The Needs of the Three! took place.
  • She also has cases for those Pokémon turned to stone which can adjust how much the body is covered with stone.
  • Her goggles also have many abilities, like detecting heat and camouflaged or transformed Pokémon.


  • She has six-wheeled vans driven by her henchmen that can shoot out nets and have retractable arms.
  • She travels throughout the Pokémon world in an airship. This ship is equipped with a stealth cloaking device that can render the ship invisible which helps in deterring pursuers, mounting surprise attacks, and making her business dealings more private and less vulnerable to outside interference. It is also capable of firing lasers from its front and has a bottom-mounted cannon that shoots a gum-like substance for restraining and capturing Pokémon.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 本田貴子 Takako Honda
English Sonny Dey
Dutch Lotte Horlings
Norwegian Siv Klynderud
Polish Joanna Węgrzynowska (DP019-DP045; DP129-DP151)
Julia Hertmanowska (DP071-DP072)
Brazilian Portuguese Letícia Quinto (DP020, DP045)
Silvia Suzy (DP071-DP072)
Luciana Baroli (DP129)
Elisa Villon (DP150-DP151)
Spanish Latin America Cristina Hernández (DP020-DP045)
Yolanda Vidal (DP071-DP072)
Maggie Vera (DP129-present)
Spain Pepa Castro


  • Unlike most villains in the anime, it seems as though J is actually trying to murder Ash, not just get rid of him. This is shown in Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part Two, when she commands her Salamence to burn the forest around him and use Hyper Beam directly on him, orders her Drapion to squeeze him tight with its claws, and ejects him from her ship from a great height.
  • J is the only recurring villain in the anime to not be a member of a villainous team, although she has worked with Team Galactic.

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