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Pokémon Global

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The Pokémon Global logo
Poké Global members chatting and battling with one another.

Pokémon Global is a fan-made massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) coded using Java. Started in August 2007 by former members of Pokémon: Den of Ages (PDoA), the game has been coded by Pivot, ZombieBear, Ryan and (in recent times) Sienide. Many members belong to the development team, but most members contribute by posting suggestions, maps and game effects, and discussions about the game.


Pokémon Global was set up in August 2007 when members of PDoA left to form their own MMORPG. Since then the team has been developing Pokémon Global using Java and the Eclipse development environment. The first demo surfaced in early 2008, which demonstrated the Player versus Player (PvP) engine based on Shoddy Battle. In April 2008, Pokémon Global merged with Pokémon Online Revolution and has since then gone on to produce beta version 0.5. Beta 0.5 was released in early January 2009. Later that month, Pokémon Global and Pokémon Online Revolution agreed to begin work on a new release merging material from both games together called Pokénet. The Pokénet release is expected to vastly widen the available content of the game, and will completely replace Pokémon Global Version Beta 0.5. As of July 2010, the website appears to be no longer functional.


Beta 0.15

This beta featured:

Beta 0.2

This beta was due in early July. It featured all of 0.15's features along with:

  • Player vs. Player Battles (wagers can be placed on battles also)
  • Trading (Items/Pokémon/Money)
  • Team Creation/Joining
  • NPC Battles (including Gym Leaders)
  • Private Chat

Beta 0.22

The login screen for Pokémon Global.

This Beta was largely an extension of previous Betas.

  • New Chat
  • No Teams
  • New Maps
  • New NPCs

Beta 0.5

This Beta was released in early January 2009. It features:

  • Buildings and caves
  • Aggressive Trainer NPCs
  • Fleeing mechanics
  • Updated user interface
  • All of Johto, except the Whirl Islands and Mt. Mortar
  • Redid bag system
  • Dynamic Map Loading, which allows some users to play the game much faster.

NPC System

Pokémon Global's battle screen.

NPC Trainers in-game will always use Pokémon equal or greater to the player's current level of skill. This is done by evaluating Pokémon in the party and retrieving an average level. Once the average level is calculated, if the NPC is weaker than the player, they'll receive a level boost. The same will go for Gym Leaders until badges can be obtained.

Development Team

Fshy94 - Administrator
Ryan - Administrator
Viride - Administrator
ZombieBear - Lead Programmer
TMKCodes - Developer
Dragina - Lead Graphics Designer
Lastplacer - Co-Lead Mapper
LordAdmiral - Co-Lead Mapper
Firefly17 - Mapper
GaMa - Mapper
Latias - Lead Wiki Developer

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