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Pokémon Annual

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Pokémon Annual is a series of books by Pedigree Books, with a new edition released annually.

Typical content

Profiles of the first 48 Pokémon in the National Pokédex order, from the 2008 Annual
A novelization from the 2008 Annual

Meet Your Pokémon Pals!

The main characters in the current anime season are introduced. This section is called "Meet Your Pokémon Pals!" in most editions, with some exceptions.

Pokémon Profiles

Includes a listing of Pokémon with pictures and information. They are usually either taken from the National Pokédex order or a regional Pokédex, or are sometimes alphabetical. As a rule, the more Pokémon profiled in the Annual, the less room there is for information on each of them. In the 2007 and 2008 Annuals, only the Pokémon's type and Ability are listed.

Anime novelizations

All the Annuals contain adaptations from movies or anime episodes. The illustrations are taken directly from the anime.


Pokémon themed puzzles and activities, including quizzes, crosswords and mazes.

Board game

Most of the Annuals contain board games, usually based on current events in the anime.

List of Annuals


The 2003 Pokémon Annual contained, among other things, a novelization of Mewtwo Strikes Back and a profile on Mew. The front cover depicts numerous Pokémon battling in a stadium.


The first Generation III Annual included profiles of most of the Hoenn Pokémon, in alphabetical order, and novelizations of Pikachu and Pichu and Spell of the Unown. All the main characters from the Advanced Generation series appear on the cover.


2005 Annual

This Annual contained profiles of all 200 Pokémon in the Hoenn Pokédex, including their category, type(s), moves that they can learn (in order), evolutions, height and weight. It also includes novelizations of the first six Advanced Generation episodes. A Ruin with a View, There's no Place Like Hoenn and You Never Can Taillow are combined into one story, collectively entitled "There's No Place Like Hoenn", while Get the Show on the Road!, In the Knicker of Time! and A Poached Ego! are all novelized separately.


2006 Annual

Contained the same profiles as the previous Annual, and novelizations of Maxxed Out!, Pros and Con Artists, Game Winning Assist and Fight for the Meteorite!.


2007 Annual

Contained a listing of all (at the time) 384 Pokémon in National Pokédex order, plus bonus profiles of Jirachi and Deoxys in the back. Also included maps of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn, and novelizations of Clamperl of Wisdom!, The Relicanth Really Can!, The Evolutionary War! and Training Wrecks.


2008 Annual

Contained the same profiles as the previous Annual, minus Jirachi and Deoxys but also including profiles on some Generation IV Pokémon. Includes novelizations of Sweet Baby James, Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!, Duels of the Jungle! and Home is Where the Start Is!.


2009 Annual

The first fully Generation IV Annual. It contained profiles of all 151 Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex, a bonus profile on Darkrai, and novelizations of Shapes of Things to Come!, Mutiny in the Bounty!, Cooking Up a Sweet Story! and All Dressed up with Somewhere to Go!.


Contains profiles of various Generation IV Pokémon, also has bonus pages with profiles and information about Shaymin's Sky Forme and Giratina's Origin Forme, and novelizations of Camping It Up!, Up Close And Personable!, Ghoul Daze!, and One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!.


Contains profiles of various Generation IV Pokémon, has novelizations of Dealing With Defensive Types!, Leading a Stray!, Steeling Peace of Mind!.


2014 Annual

The 2014 Annual (ISBN 9781907602740) contains profiles of various human characters appearing in the Best Wishes series. It also contains information on each Generation V Pokémon. It has novelizations of the anime episodes Mission: Defeat Your Rival!, Lost at the League! and Strong Strategy Steals the Show!.

The annual also comes with a paper version of Ash's hat that can be cut out and worn.

Other editions

Summer Special Edition

In addition to the regular Annuals, a Summer Special Edition was also published. It had a similar layout to the 2003 Annual, and included a novelization of Pikachu's Vacation.


  • In the 2005 Annual, Rhyhorn and Rhydon's pictures are reversed. This error was corrected in the 2006 edition. The same error occurs again in the 2011 edition on page 33.
    • Also in this edition, Ninjask was said to evolve into Shedinja, Vileplume was said to evolve into Bellossom, and Huntail was said to evolve into Gorebyss. However, this was probably due to lack of space in each Pokémon's information box.

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