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Pokémon 4Koma

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Pokémon 4Koma (Japanese: ポケモン4コマ Pokémon 4Koma) is a term describing Pokémon manga that are told in four-panel comic strips. There are several 4Koma format Pokémon manga series made by different creators in different styles. Generally, 4Koma manga are chiefly gag-focused, and often each individual strip simply builds up to a punchline. Despite this, some 4Koma manga feature recurring characters and a continuous story, however, even these series generally rely on gags as a method of storytelling.

There is also a style known as 2Koma (Japanese: 2コマ) which is presented in a similar format, but are two-panel comics rather than four-panel comics, as the name suggests.

List of Pokémon 4Koma manga

List of Pokémon 2Koma manga

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