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PokéMole was a mostly annual recreation Pokémon version of reality TV Show "The Mole", taking place on PKMN.NET. The series was written and created by site and forums administrator, Typhlosion. The show had experienced six successful seasons with the first four series taking place between 2003 and 2006 with the last two taking place in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

Contestant Lists


  • Series 1 - Staryu
  • Series 2 - Girafarig
  • Series 3 - Jumpluff
  • Series 4 - Hitmonlee
  • Series 5 - Snover
  • Series 6 - Raticate


  • Series 1 - irrevilent
  • Series 2 - irrevilent
  • Series 3 - Teh PC
  • Series 4 - CrystalScizor10
  • Series 5 - The Firestarter. Arson about as always/CrystalScizor10
  • Series 6 - OMGLOLZORS

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