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"Interactivity + Integration"
PokeCollection Logo.jpg
The current logo
Language English
Status Active
Run 2009 - Present
Date opened June 17th, 2009
Creator Asad Naseem
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Mascot Spinda
Website Website

PokeCollection is the name of a brand owned and run by Pokémon fan, Asad Naseem. The project began on June 17th, 2009 and became a division of Ensurgency Productions Ltd in February 2013. The YouTube channel hit its 10,000th subscriber on November 7th, 2012 and surpassed 5 million views on March 26th 2014. As of February 2015 the YouTube channel has surpassed 27,000 subscribers.


PokeCollection originally began as a YouTube channel, launched on June 17th, 2009 and is run by Asad Naseem. Asad's youngest sister, Anya, also became involved with the project and further family members soon followed suit, although the original idea was to release only a one-off trilogy of videos. Being huge fans of the Pokémon brand, Asad and Anya decided to take the channel further, continuing to showcase activities surrounding the brand.

PokeCollection now involves, but isn't limited to, the release of exclusive announcements, documentation of all the latest products, regular vlogging, and attendance at special events, often presented in a light-hearted, humorous and personable way. Peripheral sites, such as their Facebook, Twitter and Ustream pages, were introduced much later but these have expanded PokeCollection's reach, in turn enabling them to provide increased family-friendly interactivity. A main aim of PokeCollection is to be able to remain in touch with the fan base on a daily basis, via updates, personal communication, and online-based live shows at a level more interactive and integrative than normally observed. Consequently, the unique qualities that PokeCollection brought to the table resonated well within the community and continues to do so.


Several companies soon showed an interest in supporting PokeCollection via a range of sponsorships, affiliations and ongoing relationships secured beginning in 2011, most - but not limited to - being official and exclusive licensees of the Pokémon brand in Australia and New Zealand. These companies, who also share a similar set of aims to PokeCollection, include Tomy, Banter Toys & Collectibles, Beyond Home Entertainment, Nintendo, Siren Visual, Hanabee Entertainment, Rhythmethod, Bluemouth Interactive and several more. As such, the support provided by these companies have allowed PokeCollection to showcase, often exclusively, new and upcoming products in their catalogue, internationally. As such, it became paramount for PokeCollection to provide localised and reliable information pertaining to the latest and greatest to all their viewers in a timely fashion, while also providing them with plenty of opportunities to enter many competitions and giveaways.

Through their contacts with many of these companies, PokeCollection was given exclusive rights to reveal many official English Pokémon products, including various TCG expansions and products beginning with Next Destinies, a special edition release of Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice on DVD and Blu-Ray, exclusive to JB-Hi-Fi in Australia and New Zealand, and the initial wave of items distributed by Tomy Australia.

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