Pocket Monsters AG (New & Best)

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Pocket Monsters AG (New & Best)
Pocket Monsters AG New and Best CD cover.png
CD cover artwork
Release date December 18, 2003
Catalogue number 8809102524887
Number of tracks 20

(Korean: 포켓몬스터 AG (New & Best) Pocket Monsters AG (New & Best) is a CD that was released in South Korea on December 18, 2003. It contained the opening and ending themes from both the original series and the Advanced Generation series, as well as a few additional tracks.

Track list

  1. Pocket Monsters AG (포켓몬스터 AG)
  2. Welcome to the Pokémon World (Welcome to the Pokémon World)
  3. A Happy Journey (행복한 여행)
  4. Start of an Adventure (모험의 시작)
  5. We Are All Friends (우리는 모두 친구)
  6. Ttareureung, Please Pick up the Phone! (따르릉, 전화받으세요!)
  7. Pokémon Forever (포켓몬 Forever)
  8. Good Friends (좋은 친구들)
  9. Victory (Victory)
  10. Pichumichu (피츄미츄)
  11. Wow! It's Pocket Monsters (Pocket Monsters Image Song) (와! 포켓몬스터다 (포켓몬스터 이미지송))
  12. Find the Real Pikachu! (Find Pikachu's Voice Quiz) (진짜 피카츄를 찾아라! (피카츄 목소리 찾기 퀴즈))
  13. Pokémon Fan Club (포켓몬 팬클럽)
  14. Dreaming Baby (꿈꾸는 아이)
  15. Roketdan, Let's be Friends Too (로켓단도 친구하자)
  16. Pocket Monsters AG TV Version (포켓몬스터 AG 방송버전)
  17. Dance With Naong (Pocket Monsters Image Song) (나옹이와 함께 춤을 (포켓몬스터 이미지송))
  18. Pokémon Dance Mix 1 (포켓몬 댄스 리믹스 1)
  19. Pokémon Dance Mix 2 (포켓몬 댄스 리믹스 2)
  20. Pokémon, Forever (포켓몬이여, 영원하라)

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