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Platinum's Rapidash

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Platinum's Rapidash
プラチナのギャロップ Platinum's Gallop
Poké Ball
Platinum Rapidash.png
Debuts in Stagestruck Starly
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Hurrah for Rapidash
Gender Male
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Modest
Current location With Platinum
Ponyta Rapidash
This Pokémon spent 39 rounds as Ponyta.

Platinum's Rapidash (Japanese: プラチナのギャロップ Platinum's Gallop) is a Rapidash owned by Platinum in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


As a Ponyta

Platinum's Rapidash was first seen as a Ponyta in Stagestruck Starly where he was used as Platinum's steed. He was mainly used as her mode of transportation, not seen in many battles until A Conk on Cranidos's Cranium where he was used in Platinum's first Gym battle against Roark. The battle ended quickly, however, as he was defeated by a combination of Double-Edge and Slam that sent him flying into a wall and was knocked out as a result. In Ring Around the Roserade II he was used in Platinum’s Gym battle against Gardenia, but like his previous Gym battle, he was defeated in only a few seconds by Roserade's poison thorns.

From that point on he was used considerably less than usual, being used mainly for transportation or Gym training until Brash Bronzong I where he was used to battle Byron. Fueled by his Trainer's determination, he defeated both of Byron's Bronzong in one shot. In Hurrah for Rapidash after refusing her father's plea to not do anything dangerous, Ponyta evolved into a Rapidash after Platinum expressed her resolve to defeat Team Galactic.

In To and Fro Froslass Rapidash was used in Platinum’s Gym battle against Candice where he battled against her Froslass. Due to the speed he gained from his previous evolution, Rapidash easily managed to prevent Froslass from hitting him. When Froslass got a hit in, Platinum had Rapidash use Rest to prevent any further damage, only for Froslass to deal a powerful hit with Wake-Up Slap. Rapidash was recalled and switched with Lopunny afterwards, but he returned after Lopunny used Healing Wish to sacrifice herself and fully heal Rapidash. With his health fully restored, Rapidash defeated Froslass and earned Platinum her seventh Gym Badge. During the battle against Jupiter, he was used alongside Platinum's other Pokémon as well as Candice and Maylene's. They were all eventually defeated, and an exhausted Platinum had Rapidash use his flames to keep them warm while they were trapped in a blizzard.

In the Platinum chapter, Rapidash traveled with its Trainer to the Sinnoh Battle Frontier. He was used in the Battle Castle against Darach, but was defeated in a single hit by Darach's Gallade. At the Battle Arcade, Rapidash and the rest of Platinum's team was forced to battle for Dahlia. Although she didn't want to hurt her own Pokémon, Platinum's resolve to gather information about the Distortion World allowed her to get over it, defeat her team, and win the battle. While she challenged the Battle Factory, Platinum sent Rapidash and the rest of her team to help Looker on Stark Mountain. They eventually returned with heavy injuries.

Moves used

Platinum Rapidash Protect.png
Using Protect
Move First Used In
Protect Hurrah for Rapidash
Rest To and Fro with Froslass
Fire Blast Interrupting Ivysaur
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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