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If you were looking for the character with the Japanese name of Leo, see Wes.

Leo (Japanese: ペタシ Petashi) is a recurring character in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Black & White chapter

Leo debuts as a competitor in the Pokémon League. After making it through Victory Road, he makes to the quarterfinals as a part of the Top 8. His opponent in this round is Cheren, who manages to easily defeat Leo. Although he lost, Leo congratulates Cheren for his victory, only to have his praise be coldly ignored as Cheren leaves to wait for his next match. Despite this, Leo keeps cheering Cheren on in his next match. He is soon approached by White, who asks him why he continues to support the one who beat him. Due to his inability to talk to girls, Leo is immediately flustered by White's presence and runs off. After regaining some of his composure, he reveals that he wants Cheren to win simply because he lost to Cheren in their match.

During Black's battle with N, Leo joins Cedric Juniper and Looker to assist their ally in battle. Since Cheren lost to Black, Leo states that he wants to help the person who beat the person who beat him in battle. Although they attempt to attack N's Zekrom, it easily defeats their Pokémon and swats them away.

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

Two years later, Leo is a student at the Aspertia City Trainers' School alongside Lack-Two, Whi-Two, Hugh, Yuki, Yuuko, and Mayu. At the school dormitories, Leo shares a room with Hugh despite the latter already living in Aspertia City.

Leo is first seen in the eleventh chapter watching Lack-Two break up with his latest girlfriend, Yancy. They immediately head to class due to running late. Upon arriving, Lack-Two and Hugh attempt to sneak into their classroom, only to be chastised by Hugh, who tells them off for constantly fooling around since the school year began. The commotion angers the new teacher, who, to Leo's surprise, turns out to be Cheren. Despite remembering each other, Cheren still punishes the three by forcing them to sit outside while class is in session. Later that day, Cheren organizes an exhibition match between the male and female students. Leo's opponent in the match is Hugh, but he is eventually defeated.


Leo is a young Trainer resembling a combination of the Youngster and Poké Maniac Trainer classes. He appears to be very friendly, as he praised Cheren for defeating him in their match at the Unova League. Despite this, Leo is terrible at talking to women and will often get flustered when around one.


Here is a listing of Leo's Pokémon.

Leo's Deino
Deino is Leo's only known Pokémon. It was first seen battling a Trainer's Seismitoad at the Unova Pokémon League and won. It faced Cheren's Unfezant in the quarterfinals, but was easily defeated. During the battle with N, Deino was used to attack N's Zekrom, only to be easily swatted away and caught by its Trainer. In the Black 2 & White 2 chapter, it was used to battle Hugh's Trapinch, but was defeated.

Deino's only known move is Bite, and its Ability is Hustle.

Debut Hallway Hijinks


Language Name
Japanese ペタシ Petashi

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