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Tooth and Claw
VS Munna
Chapter Black & White
Collected in Vol. 48
Round number 503
Location Nuvema Town/Icirrus City
Previous Round The Beginning
Next Round The Cold Hard Truth

Tooth and Claw (Japanese: VSムンナ VS Munna or 仲間 Companions) is the 503rd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Thanks to the then-wild Musha's help, Black saves Bianca from the then-wild Brav.
  • Black decides to capture the wild Rufflet and name it Brav.
  • With Munna's help, Black captures the wild Rufflet.
  • The wild Munna joins Black's team and is named Musha.
  • Black starts his challenge of the Icirrus Gym.


Pokémon debuts





Title page for the original five-page round
  • In the VIZ Media mini-volumes of the Black & White chapter, this round was collected in Volume 13.
  • In the original Japanese magazine version, the end five pages of this round were originally published as a part of School of Hard Knocks. Since the pages caused a continuity error by leading into Black's Gym battle with Brycen and leaving no space for The Beginning, the pages were moved when collected into Volume 48.
    • In international publications that are directly based on the magazine version, such as in Pokémon Black and White volume 13 and the translation from France, the pages were split off into a separate round. In the English translation of the magazine version, the separate round is titled "Welcome Home".
    • In the magazine version of this round, Black was only seen with his Pokémon. When this round was collected into volume 48, he is joined by Iris and Logan.

In other languages

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