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Brash Bronzong II/VS. Bronzong II
VS ドータクン
VS. Dohtakun
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 375
Location Canalave City
Previous Round Brash Bronzong I
Next Round Startling Staraptor

Brash Bronzong II/VS. Bronzong II (Japanese: VSドータクン VS. Dohtakun) is the 375th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Continued from the last chapter, Platinum finds her father and Professor Rowan locked in a cube in the Canalave Gym. Diamond and Pearl realize that they have met these people before and Pearl thinks about telling the truth to Platinum. Platinum immediately deems the man wearing the cape, who had challenged the trio earlier, as the one responsible, and has her Ponyta use Flamethrower to knock out his two Bronzong. The man finally understands what is going on after he realizes that Platinum is the daughter of one of the two men locked in the cube. He apologizes and introduces himself as Byron, the Gym Leader of Canalave City. He then explains to Platinum how her father was locked up. It turns out that Byron had overheard Mr. Berlitz's conversation with a shady character earlier on, and confronted him, but the shady character remained unfazed. Immediately afterwards, Professor Rowan had finally found his assistant and demanded to know what had taken him so long just to get material from the library. Annoyed by more and more people getting in his way, the shady character threw out an item which expanded into a giant cube to trap Professor Rowan and Mr. Berlitz in, before flying away on his Staraptor.

By then, the insulation from the cube is reduced enough for Platinum and her father to hear each other. Mr. Berlitz is pleased that Platinum is alive and well, having been told that Team Galactic kidnapped her and he was forced to pay a ransom in order to free her. Platinum does not recall such a kidnapping happening to her, because she had bodyguards to protect her. Mr. Berlitz thus queries about the two boys standing behind Platinum. At that moment, Pearl can no longer remain silent. Addressing Platinum as "the Lady", he tells her the truth, apologizes for the misunderstanding and tries to convince Platinum that he and Diamond are capable of protecting her for the rest of her journey. Platinum stops Pearl at this point. After expressing her relief that her father is safe, Platinum says she is unable to comprehend what she had just heard, and how the truth had eluded her up until this point, having been hidden by the very people she had chosen to trust. With that, she runs away. Diamond tries to call after her.

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