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Crowded by Croagunk & Advanced on by Abra I/VS. Croagunk & Abra I
VSグレッグル&ケーシィ I
VS. Gureggru & Casey I
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 31
Round number 352
Location Hearthome City/Lost Tower
Previous Round Perturbed by Pachirisu
Next Round Crowded by Croagunk & Advanced on by Abra II

Crowded by Croagunk & Advanced on by Abra I/VS. Croagunk & Abra I (Japanese: VSグレッグル&ケーシィ I VS. Gureggru & Casey) is the 352nd round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Paka and Uji catch up with Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl.
  • Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl meet Fantina.
  • Fantina takes Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond to the Lost Tower after being attacked by Paka and Uji, who believe that Diamond and Pearl have kidnapped Platinum.
  • Paka and Uji arrive at the Lost Tower and begin to battle with Team Galactic.


Pokémon debuts






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