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Storming the Forretress
戦う者 レッド
Red, the Battler
Chapter FireRed & LeafGreen
Collected in Vol. 26
Round number 301
Location Vermilion City/Five Island
Previous Round Right on Time, Rhydon
Next Round Phew for Mew

Storming the Forretress (Japanese: 戦う者 レッド Red the Fighter) is the 301st round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Mewtwo, with Yellow in its arms, emerges from a black hole. Mewtwo weakly lands and accidentally drops Yellow, who falls into Green's arms. When Blue asks where Red is, Mewtwo states that he's still in the battleship. Blue sends out Rhydon and has it use Megahorn, while Green's Blasty joins Blue's Golduck in using Hydro Pump. The three attacks hit the battleship and an attempt to slow down its crash.

Yellow states that Red always keeps his promises, no matter what. Blue notes that although she's asleep, Yellow is still thinking about Red. Blue states that although he wasn't there, he can see from Mewtwo's condition that the battle was a hard one, which means that they can't rely on Mewtwo anymore. Due to this, Blue states that their last job as Pokédex holders is to try their hardest to prevent the battleship from crashing.

Silver sends out his Ursaring and tells it to take Giovanni to his eighteenth secret hideout and look after him. Silver sends out Feraligatr, Kingdra, and Gyarados and states that he's going to help. Silver states that although he doesn't know what Giovanni intends on doing with Team Rocket or himself, he won't ignore the fact that Giovanni is his father and will work to prevent Giovanni from committing any more crimes. In addition to this, Silver states that he's a Pokédex holder and wants to fulfill his obligations as well. Blue allows this, and the three Trainers command their Pokémon to continue attacking.

Inside the battleship, Red notices his Blue and the others' attempt to stop the battleship from crashing. Organism No. 2 uses its powers to determine the location of the remaining Forretress. Snor, Charizard, and Aero defeat the seventh, eighth, and ninth Forretress. Organism No. 2 finds the last one, which is hiding in the battleship's armory. Red realizes that if the Forretress uses Explosion in the weapon-filled armory, the battleship will be completely destroyed by the chain reaction. Red rips off his shirt and uses it to bind the battleship's steering wheel. Red tells Organism No. 2 to use its powers to tell the other Pokémon to stay put while they go and stop the Forretress themselves.

On Five Island, Bill and Celio listen to the news report of what's going on in Vermilion City. The townspeople note how even if he stops the battleship from crashing, the people might shun Red just like they did. Seeing how determined Red is despite the possibly of such a situation like that happening causes the townspeople to cheer for Red's success.

Back on the battleship, Red and Organism No. 2 find Carr's last Forretress in the armory. The Forretress tries to retaliate, but Red notices that it is scared, since using Explosion could kill it. Red tells the Forretress that its Trainer isn't here at the moment, so it doesn't have to listen to Carr's orders. The Forretress briefly wonders about Red's offer, only to jump and use Explosion anyway. Organism No. 2 jumps in the way of the attack, which doesn't affect it. Red reveals that before Poli left, he had Organism No. 2 take its Damp Ability with Skill Swap, preventing Explosion from working. Red praises the Forretress for executing its orders without the need to kill itself.

From the computer, Organism No. 2 asks Red what kind of creature he is. Organism No. 2 notes that Red refuses to give up, regardless of whether the situation seems hopeless or how injured he is. Red simply replies by pulling out his Pokédex and states that he's a Pokédex holder from Pallet Town—a Fighter. Red's shirt rips apart, causing the battleship to swerve out of control without a pilot. Blue notes that they can't keep it balanced any longer and that the battleship is going to crash.

Suddenly, the battleship begins floating, slides down a building, and lands on the ground almost completely unharmed. Red stumbles out of the battleship and thanks Blue and the others for their help. Blue acts confuses, as he thought that the battleship was stopped by Red since their attacks couldn't hold it any longer. The five Pokédex holders meet up once more as Mew flies over them.

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