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Really Raikou & Entirely Entei I/Raikou & Entei (Part I)
VS.ライコウ そして エンテイ (パート1)
Raikou and Entei (Part 1)
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 11
Round number 137
Location Outskirts of Violet City
Previous Round Crossing Crobat
Next Round Really Raikou & Entirely Entei II

Really Raikou & Entirely Entei I/Raikou & Entei (Part I) (Japanese: VSライコウ そして エンテイ (パート1) VS. Raikou and Entei (Part 1) is the 137th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In the outskirts of Violet City, Falkner is training with his Skarmory and Noctowl, when a Bird Keeper arrives and asks him if he recently saw any rare Pokémon, to which the he shows him a bountiful amount of captured Pokémon. As Falkner is about to grab his police badge to arrest him they are caught in a storm as a lightning bolt burns down a tree when a Pokémon lands on it. Falkner immediately realizes that the Pokémon is the legendary Raikou, while the Bird Keeper notices another one had came, which is revealed to be Entei. As the Bird Keeper attempts to catch Entei, it attacks as Falkner rescues him with his Skarmory. Afterwards Raikou and Entei look at each other and decide to test Falkner, he decides to use Swift, but they evaded the attack quickly. Raikou uses Spark on them, as Entei uses Fire Blast. Falkner comes up with a strategy, using Agility as their attacks clash each other, weakening them. As he is about to catch them a shadowed figure arrives from behind him.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts







  • The move Swift, missed hitting Raikou and Entei despite that it should never miss.
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